Russian Communist Workers Party

Joint statement against the proliferation of biological weapons and for the closure of US military biological laboratories around the world

We, the Communist and workers ‘ parties, with a sense of responsibility to our peoples, struggle for immediate measures for the protection of health and the access of all workers to free treatment and the coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, we express our deep concern for the existence and operation of military biological laboratories and declare that we demand a ban on the development and proliferation of biological weapons.

Against the background of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis of capitalism and the aggravation of its contradictions, we once again see the deep shortcomings of the health system in all capitalist countries, as well as the violation of workers ‘ rights, and the generally anti-national nature of capitalism.

At the same time, we are particularly concerned about the fact that many countries continue to develop biological weapons. Only under the programs of the us Pentagon, 1,495 laboratories were created around the world, which are not accountable to the governments of the countries where they work, and their activities are not transparent. Similar laboratories have been established in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

The United States has not signed the Protocol to the international “Convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on their destruction”, thereby blocking efforts to control the Convention, while continuing to develop new types of deadly diseases.

State resources allocated for the development of biological and other deadly weapons, as well as modern scientific and technical potential, should be fully directed to providing all workers and theother popular strata with free medical care and to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to everyone without exception free of charge.

We, the Communist and workers ‘ parties are speaking out:

– For the prohibition of the development and proliferation of biological weapons

– For the immediate elimination of all US military biological laboratories in all countries of the world

– For the adoption of immediate measures to protect the health of workers, including free medical care and receiving vaccines against coronavirus

Signed by

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Communist Party of Argentina
  3. Communist Party of Australia
  4. Communist Party of Belgium
  5. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  6. Communist Party of Canada
  7. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  9. Communist Party in Denmark
  10. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  11. German Communist Party
  12. Communist Party of Greece
  13. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. Communist Party (Italy)
  15. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  16. Socialist Party (Lithuania)
  17. Communist Party of Mexico
  18. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  19. Communist Party of Norway
  20. Communist Party of Pakistan
  21. Palestinian PP
  22. Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930) 
  23. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  24. Union of Communist Parties-CPSU
  25. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  26. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  27. Syrian Communist Party
  28. Communist Party of Swaziland