[FARC-EP Newsletter] News from Havana, Cuba, 18.07.2014 [En]

Joint Communique №39

Havana, July 17, 2014

The delegations of the national government and the FARC-EP inform the public that we agreed the mechanisms for direct participation of the victims of the internal conflict in the Havana peace talks and we acknowledge that their voice will be a key input for the discussions on this issue.

At the request of the two parties, the organization and the selection process of the delegations will be done by the United Nations/Colombia and the Centro de Pensamiento y Seguimiento al Proceso de Paz from the National University, in consultation with different associations of victims of the conflict.

We invite the Episcopal Conference to accompany the process, in order to help ensure compliance with the following criteria.

Selection criteria:

  • The main criteria for the selection of the delegations are balance, pluralism and good judgment, which must be reflected in the composition of each of the delegations.
    • In particular, the delegations should reflect the whole universe of human rights violations and breaches of International Humanitarian Law that have been made during the internal conflict, taking into account the different social sectors and populations, and the regional approach.
    • Members of the delegations should be direct victims of the conflict and will participate as such; not on behalf of others. This does not exclude the case of collective victimization.
    • Delegations and their members will have full autonomy to express their viewpoints. Both parties commit to take full account of the views and proposals, in order to help ensure the best way of fulfillment of the rights of victims of the conflict.
    • The participation of the delegations is part of the general purpose of ending the conflict and achieving reconciliation.
    • The parties will review the functioning of the selection mechanism during each one of the visits and make recommendations if necessary.

Number of delegations and number of victims per delegation:

  • One delegation will be invited for every round of conversations, for at least five rounds.
  • Each delegation will comprise up to 12 people.

The first victims’ visit will be held on August 16.

The delegations received the preliminary findings of the first Forum of Victims organized in Villavicencio by the United Nations Office in Colombia and the Centro de Pensamiento para la Paz of the National University. We appreciate the contributions of the victims and we encourage you to continue participating in the following forums and to submit your proposals through the website www.mesadeconversaciones.com.co.

Additionally, the delegations agreed to launch the Historical Commission of the Conflict and its Victims and we will meet on July 25 to continue the preparatory work of this Commission.

Finally, we exchanged views on other aspects related to point 5, the issue of Victims.

The next round will start on August 12.

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