FARC-EP, News from Havana, Cuba, 13.10.2014 [En]

FARC-EP rejects murder Deputy Robert Serra and María Herrera 

Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, October 9, 2014 
The Peace Delegation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, People’s Army, deplores and rejects the atrocious murder of the Deputy of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Bolivarian youth leader and lawyer, member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Robert Serra, and his compañera María Herrera, occurred at night on the first of October inside his own house in Caracas.
The FARC-EP expresses its condolences to their families and to the Venezuelan people for this big loss, and reiterates its solidarity at a moment in which the sister Republic is suffering the excesses of local and foreign conspirators who aim at destabilizing a country and a revolutionary process that want to seek social justice and good living conditions for everyone in dignity and peace.
These killings, as part of a dirty, unpatriotic war, obviously have counterrevolutionary political intentions and must find justice, helped by the unbeatable determination of the Bolivarian people, organized in their struggle against imperialist intervention and against the pressure of the oligarchic sectors, who by all means want Venezuela to return to the days of savage neoliberalism, which for decades plundered and starved this Bravo Pueblo (brave people).
Eternal glory to Robert Serra, María Herrera and all those killed in this battle for the construction of socialism and the great Bolivarian nation.

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