Russian Communist Workers Party

Unlawful detention of ROT Front activists in the course of Victory Day events

Alexander Batov, the leader of the Moscow branch of Russia’s United
Labor Front (ROT Front), was released on May 16 after a 7-day arrest. He
was detained on May 9 (Russia’s Victory Day) at the “Immortal Regiment”
event in Moscow, together with his fellow activist Roman Osin, for
distributing propagandist materials that reveal class nature of the
Victory. Osin was soon released, while Batov sentenced by a district
court to one-week arrest on grossly absurd charges of “resisting a
police officer’s lawful commands”. The actions of both the police and
the court grossly violated Russian laws [the degree of vividness of the
criminal nature of the court decision is represented by the fact that
shortly after his detainment, comrade Batov confirmed several times,
both in Facebook and by SMS, that he had followed any legal commands
more than properly; and that had he not showed such obedience, he would
not have been allowed to keep his handphone after his detainment –
translator’s notice].
Similar unlawful actions against communists happened simultaneously in
other regions. The most flagrant act was the arrest of comrade Tipakov,
the leader of Nizhny Novgorod branch of the ROT Front party, who was
detained immediately after a public speech and sentenced to 10 days of
arrest for “resisting a police officer’s lawful orders”.