Russian Communist Workers Party

League of Young Communists USA Statement on Violence Against Children in Novorossiya

The League of Young Communists USA unequivocally condemns the indiscriminate shelling of civilian territories under the control of the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples’ Republics by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Children’s Day in Donetsk was marked by mourning for the young victims of the ongoing anti-fascist war, the sound of not-so-distant combat was a chilling reminder of the events that have transpired this past year.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces chose June 1st, Children’s Day, to violate the Minsk II agreement, provoke a major conflict with the Novorossiyan Armed Forces and begin using heavy artillery to shell the civilian population once again. Since June 1st more than sixty Novorossiyan civilians have been killed or hospitalized, among them children younger than the age of five.

We call for an immediate end to the slaughter of Novorossiyan civilians and youth. We demand that the government of the United States withdraw all aid, financial or otherwise, for the fascist junta that has illegally seized power in Ukraine.

– Approved unanimously by the entire membership of the LYCUSA