Russian Communist Workers Party

ROT FRONT: Who we are?


«Russian United Labour Front (ROT FRONT – the Russian abbreviation) is a wide coalition of communists and militant Trade Unions that was created several years ago in Russian Federation. Its core is composed of the Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP) and of such Trade Unions as “Defense of Labour”, “Interregional Trade Union of car industry”, “New Trade Unions”.

RCWP was created in 1991. The “Communist Initiative Movement” that had sprung to life within CPSU and that resisted the course of the country’s leadership towards Capitalism, served as its nucleus. RCWP adheres to orthodox Marxism-Leninism and advocates for the revolutionary overthrowing of Capitalism and establishing of the Soviet Power.


Both RCWP and ROT Front have nothing to do with the bourgeois “opposition”. There are no professional politicians among us. No one can blame us for bargaining with the authorities. We are not helped by sponsors. We don’t give empty soothing promises. All that we want is to organize people to fight for their rights, for a decent living. First of all this applies to the working people, that earn their daily bread in an honest way.

For what we struggle:

RCWP renders our assistance to any kind of struggle that is carried out by working people for their basic rights and interests. Our main task is to promote the organization of the class struggle simultaneously with conducting political education of the working people. Only organized, united, advanced workers are capable to eliminate Capitalism and to take the power.

It’s a long way to the Revolution. With the use of ROT FRONT we’ve been solving some intermediate tasks:


  • Real power of Trade Unions;
  • Correspondence of the local Labour Code to the requirements of ILO (International Labour Organization);
  • Minimal wages should not be lower than the scientifically estimated subsistence level;
  • Real guarantees for the constitutional right for a strike;
  • Reduction in communal and transport tariffs;
  • Real freedom of speech for all that doesn’t only apply to the authorities and rich;
  • Democratization of the laws on meetings and manifestations;
  • Strengthening of local governance system;
  • Defense of the people’s right for a healthy environment.


These are only basic tasks to organize our activities.

How we work

Our two main tasks now are organization and propaganda. Working people can only achieve success in case they co-ordinate their activities and understand clearly their basic class interests. RCWP and POT FRONT are involved in all sorts of activities aimed at organizing working people. Here are some directions of our:


Support of independent Trade Unions

We help hired personnel to organize themselves for the defense of their rights. To do this there are organized local cells of the Trade Union “Defense of Labour”. Both juridical, methodological and information support for their activities is provided. Political education is provided.


Co-operation with social movements

It’s very often that we meet arbitrariness not only at work but in our daily life as well. We help to establish local groups of activists that fight against arrogant officials, skyrocketing communal tariffs and against attempts to eliminate social benefits.


Struggle for the rights of students

The youth section of RCWP and ROT FRONT takes active part in the work among students, tries to establish clubs and circles for youngsters, to organize interesting discussions.


Political education

Truth is born of arguments. Free discussion groups have been organized for various subjects. Everyone can express their opinion and to mix with representatives of different parties and movements.


It is a joint activity only that unites!

Most of political organizations in Russia have been established either for unscrupulous traffic in votes, or as a sort of mixed club without any particular aim or meaning.

We call on people to unite in the process of common work, of our joint purposeful struggle. Of course it doesn’t exclude either interesting pass-time or vivid actions, nevertheless the main force that unites us are real common activities!


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