Russian Communist Workers Party

RCWP-CPSU Why do we call ourselves communists

Why do we call ourselves Communists?

We call ourselves Communists because our ideal and scientifically founded target is the ensuring of complete wellbeing and free harmonic development of all members of society that is based on the principles of social equality, freedom, social justice and solidarity, as opposed to a simple satisfaction of consumer needs of separate persons.

We don’t believe that Capitalism with its inherent exploitation, relationships of alienation, and the social forces which are beyond human control, represent the “terminal station” of the human history. The whole course of Capitalism’s evolution sets the humankind before the choice between social decay and revolutionary transition to new social order based on friendship, solidarity, mutual help, collectivism and harmonic relationship with Nature. In the midst of Capitalism there are objectively ripening the preconditions for a qualitatively new state of human society – i.e. for Communism.


We view Communism as a real prospect, as an inevitable consequence of social and scientific-technical progress. Communism is a free association with the following features:

– free development of each will become a condition for the free development of all;

– due to a high level of development, human labour will acquire a free, non alienated creative nature and will turn into a vital need;

– public self-government will replace the institutes of the State power.

– Based on highly developed industry, as well as on a new level of public consciousness and qualitative changes of human needs’ structure, there will be implemented the principle: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need;

New data on nature and society, the experience of social transformations will enrich and possibly change some aspects of our perception of Communism, nevertheless its essence has been determined by the logic of the whole preceding historical development: the main task of Communism is to get rid of economic, political and spiritual enslavement of people.

The first stage of communist formation is Socialism. Socialism presumes as follows:

– developed forces of production and the relations of production allowing to achieve a higher social efficiency and productivity of labour if compared with those of Capitalism;

– public property for means of production;

– establishing the principle of distribution in accordance with the contribution of labour;

– total absence of any form of exploitation, creative and collectivist components of labour become more pronounced;

– socialist democracy as a form of State necessary to exercise the power of working people with a simultaneous development of their self government that leads to a gradual extinction of the State;

– absence of antagonistic relations between classes and social strata;

– decent living conditions for each, providing for possibilities of creative self-realization, harmonic development of personality;

While calling ourselves communists, we follow the teaching of Marxism-Leninism. Marxism is not a religion or a dogma for us; it’s our ideological basis and creative method we use to seek the answers for topical questions of modernity. We don’t set us a task to impose subjective views and simplified schemes, neither we try to define the terms for Socialism’s construction, even the less so for Communism. We consider the creation of the complete system of Socialism to be a result of a lengthy historical period when after the socialist revolution there take place the real socialization of property and overcoming the relations of exploitation. RCWP-CPSU is a revolutionary party and in our understanding working people will not be able to take power without revolutionary activities by workers and their allies

We call ourselves communists, and that’s why we seek to utilize the achievements of the whole socialist, democratic and humanistic public thought, while critically reinterpreting them based on the positions of revolutionary Marxism. We believe that to give up such basic concepts as proletarian democracy, social justice, individual freedom, public self-government and self-organization of working people, international solidarity between working people would mean a deviation from the theory and ideals of Marxism-Leninism.

We are dedicated adherents of the scientific Communism theory describing the objective nature of the human society development.

Communism is not an abstract ideal for us – it’s a real movement based on the centuries-old aspirations of human beings for just and fair relations, the aspirations that become more obvious with the development of society. Being the most consistent and scientific theory aimed at overcoming social inequality and suppression, Communism meets the fundamental needs of working people. We call ourselves communists – that’s why we view the people who produce material and spiritual values as a force, capable of changing the world for the better. RCWP-CPSU defends the interests of working class, farmers and intellectuals – of all people who earn their living as hired personnel as well as of those whose income is represented by unemployment benefits, stipends and pensions. Exactly these strata we consider to be our social base.


We advocate the power exercised by working class and its allies that is essentially the dictatorship of proletariat and that’s why it is capable to counteract any manifestations of social parasitism, any establishing of privileged status for certain social strata.

We call ourselves communists, and that’s why we resolutely oppose to any mockery of our people’s history and to denial of those real achievements that were painfully attained under the hardest conditions of our epoch. Our duty to the memory of our fathers and grandfathers is to fight for the historical truth with the same zeal and fortitude that they had when defending the dignity and sovereignty of our country and creating its industrial and military potential.

RCWP-CPSU continues revolutionary socialist and democratic traditions of the international workers’ and communist movement. Our party is the successor of CPSU in these issues, that don’t contradict the concepts of scientific Socialism.