Russian Communist Workers Party

To prevent development of Belarusian Maidan! Statement Political Council of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP)

About the elections held and the situation after them in Belarus


Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Belarus. According to official data, the majority of voters (80%) supported Lukashenko. We can not judge to what extent these data correspond to reality, and to what extent this result is provided by the administrative resource that the president (who has been holding this post for a long time) undoubtedly possesses. But we note only a very significant thing: the opposition did not recognize these results even before they were announced, even long before the elections were held.


And in this case, it does not really matter is this right-wing opposition pro-Western or pro-Russian – in any case it is pro-imperialist. However, the fact that matters that it is clearly nationalistic in nature, mainly similar to the Kiev Maidan, up to the collaborationist symbols of 1941.


These players cannot forgive Lukashenko for his refusal to follow Gaidar’s path by the method of “shock therapy”. He did not allow the predatory privatization to be carried out, did not allow the anti-national financial reforms to be carried out, which overnight threw the Russian population into poverty. Moreover, Lukashenko has provided the preservation of large state production in industry and agriculture, state regulation, social guarantees, etc. At the same time, we cherish no illusions and understand that the model that Lukashenko has built is still a model of capitalism.


And the bourgeois system creates its own environment and corresponding ideology. The petty bourgeois wants to become large and to have more freedom to exploit and trade. Therefore, they always willingly rely on the forces of foreign imperialists to bring their aspirations to realisation. In this case, they preferred support from the EU and the United States as more powerful predators, but with their long-standing goal of driving a wedge between the peoples of Russia and Belarus. And we see the horribly familiar pattern from the events in Ukraine, Venezuela and other regions of the world – non-recognition of the election results, the announcement of an opposition representative as the winner, an appeal to the world society, calls for people to take to the streets and provoking the government into violent clashes and riots, up to the organization of sacred sacrifices.


It is worth subjecting Lukashenko to serious criticism for the fact that he is mainly guilty of the current acute situation, since he held a course exactly for capitalism and the free market. He tried to preserve social guarantees for people, but did not want to rely on the working people. He did not amass his own capital and did not surround himself with friends oligarchs, as a Russian “guarantor”, he tried at all cost to preserve the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus and develop its economy, tried to force officials to work for this idea in market conditions, but he could not, and could not provide it within the framework of capitalism. And to count on this is naively. As you know, there is no good market. Good for the working people. Sooner or later it always leads to the Maidan as a form of seizing power by large financial capital. The power of the bourgeoisie is always essentially the dictatorship of the bourgeois class. This dictatorship can take various forms, but the essence is the same – the dictatorship of the exploiters against the exploited.


There was no opposition from the working people in this election. The working class and its organizations were not able to nominate their own candidate. We are compelled to state that the weakness of the labor movement in the country is partly one of the results of Lukashenko’s policy – the policy of suppressing any attempts at class struggle. The workers are deprived of the right to strike, transferred to fixed-term contracts, and even deprived of the right on willful resignation, not to mention political activity. In Belarus, earlier than in the Russian Federation, the retirement age was raised, taxes were proposed for the unemployed, the rights of trade unions were curtailed, etc. The authorities do not register our comrades with the Communist Party of Working People of Belarus (CPTB) and do not admit them to legitimate official policy. Thus, we cannot close our eyes to the fact that Lukashenko speaks only about the capitalist path for Belarus (“like the whole world”), and in domestic policy he pursues an agenda to strengthen the absolutism of the presidential power and intensify the exploitation of workers. This policy has led to the growth of petty-bourgeois sentiments in society and the growth of discontent among the working people. All this was used as the basis for organizing protests by the opposition.


Russian Communist Workers’ Party believes that the working people of Belarus must identify themselves and make their own choice. And this choice should be determined by an independent labor policy. The working class should not go under a false flag, it should fight precisely for its own interests, and not for the interests of the capitalists. There are enough examples in the face of the working people – the example of Kiev, when part of the working people took the side of some capitalists against others, and the example of Donbass, when miners and tractor drivers opposed the rabid Bandera supporters warmed up by the Maidan, when they fought under red flags.


We can only advise the people, Belarusian workers, to listen less to any self-styled “human rights defenders” (the guides of bourgeois democracy and “universal values”), as well as the guides of the line to crack down by the state authorities.


RCWP calls on the workers of Belarus not to allow the initiation and development of the Belarusian Maidan on the model of Kiev, but at the same time to use the situation of dissatisfaction of the part of society with the results of the elections to strengthen their own class forces, to hold meetings in factory floors and in workplaces with the engineering of requirements to the government. Now is the time for workers to make a strong demand for changes in labor legislation in the interests of all workers and the return of the Soviet retirement age, and to organize strikes in support of these demands. At the same time, we should remember that strikes organized by the headquarters of Pro-imperialist forces and aimed at realizing the demands of the Maidan are clearly reactionary, as is the movement itself, and workers can not participate in them in any case.


One of the results of this management and self-organization of workers can be the holding of a republican congress of workers, peasants, specialists and employees with the election of a permanent body based on the strength of the working class, on the strength of all working people of Belarus, capable under the ideological leadership of the vanguard formed in the struggle (the communist workers ‘party) to pursue a workers’ policy against capitalist barbarism, for democracy, for socialism.

First secretary of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers’ Party

Stepan Malentsov



Первый секретарь ЦК РКРП-КПСС С.С. Маленцов

13.08.2020 г.


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