The tragedy of Donbas

The tragedy of Donbas: oral promises of help by the Russian authorities essentially mean a betrayal of the resistance in the Ukraine

Statement of RCWP-CPSU CC Political council

Terrible things have been under way in the Donbas region of the Ukraine. The nature of the recent events’ consequence has become clearer.

Over a considerable period of time the Russian authorities have been watching the inhuman massacre and the mass extermination of the civilian population in the Donbas region as well as in other parts of the South-East of the Ukraine, when limiting themselves with angry rhetoric aimed at Kiev junta and with expressing sympathy to the suffering people. Only after there could be seen an imminent threat of a total annihilation of both Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics, the Russian authorities had started to render them a limited assistance with supplies. The official propaganda used to proclaim loudly and with pathos that Russians never leave other Russians in distress!

Nevertheless, for some unclear reasons that help was provided to a limited extent only, so as not to damage the fragile balance between the warring sides, as to let the conflict to go on, whereas the new republics shouldn’t win accidentally. Meanwhile an unexpected thing happened: the fighters of the anti-fascist resistance had proved to be capable of not only throwing the enemy off their regional centers, but of starting a resolute offensive as well. The punitive troops of junta ran in panic on all fronts while leaving behind them their military equipment, weapons and ammunition. Suddenly there came an order to stop the victorious offensive. Why? For what purpose? The resistance military commanders have been expressing their bewilderment, and they start to discuss more and more loudly the possibility of treason.

That was followed by bizarre negotiations held in Minsk that had come as a surprise to many of the field commanders. In the course of those negotiations the sides agreed upon a ceasefire. Who benefits more from this ceasefire? Were these the victoriously advancing units of the resistance or were these the troops of junta that ran in panic? It’s a rhetoric question, as the answer is obvious. It’s also obvious that all this couldn’t happen without the involvement of Moscow. At the same time both military and civil leaders of the republics were changed. People that couldn’t boast an impressing record in the field of struggle were installed instead, as they were more quite, one could describe them as more obedient, i.e. obedient exactly to the guys in Kremlin. Meanwhile the people who were not going to give up the resistance to the Kiev junta still remained in command of the most active units of the guerillas.

Here goes yet another round of the “peaceful” negotiations and initiatives. Under the pretext of disengagement of troops the resistance units were withdrawn from the line of contact, whereas the punitive troops remained where they had been before and went on with their inhuman shelling and bombing of city quarters in Donetsk. Any help from the Russian state considerably decreases. The population of the demolished cities is condemned to hunger and cold without food, water or fuel. At the same time the troops of resistance are doomed to annihilation as there is not enough military equipment or ammunition that according to some eyewitnesses would last them for no more than a couple of hours of combat only. They are not given an insubstantial amount, they are denied of any supply at all. Meanwhile Kiev has been actively arming the Fascists troops, imported military equipment included, as fresh troops by junta have been arriving to the front line.

What are the current actions of the Russian authorities? They make statements, this time these are not especially angry. Meanwhile in real life the trade between Russia and the Ukraine goes on, whereas not only gas is being supplied there, but the parts and other articles necessary for the military industry of the Ukraine are shipped as well. What makes it worth is the fact that the new authorities in Lugansk and Donetsk republics go on shipping the coal extracted there to the Central and Western Ukraine. The people of Donbas is left to live through winter without coal whereas it is being shipped to the territories under control of junta. The enterprises of Donbas that are still working transfer their taxes to Kiev. More than that: the owners of the enterprises take a special “war tax” intended to finance the so called “anti-terrorist operation”! That is they have to pay so that junta could buy weapons to kill them. Its’ really a very interesting war! It’s a strange war. The people is at war whereas its rulers help the enemy. Everybody knows! Everybody can see it as nothing is hidden. The coal mines and other enterprises are still property of their former owners, first of all they belong to the oligarch Mr. R. Akhmetov. All the attempts to merely suggest the nationalization of the enterprises are strictly banned by the authorities. What would be the use of such nationalization if the authorities in Lugansk and Donetsk republics themselves send their incomes and the locally manufactured products to the enemy. In this particular case the ownership by the state doesn’t mean the ownership by the people at all.

When the war has been actually goings on, they suddenly appoint silly local elections in Novorossia. Here we can come to the same conclusion as in respect of the elections scheduled to be held in the Ukraine herself: i.e. to legalize the authorities that have recently come to power. We know a number of irreconcilable ant-fascists and of real fighters work in the Supreme Soviets of both republics. The elections have been organized so that such fighters should be purged, that they should be denied the deserved influence. Everything is done in order to get the required results of these “elections” – it’s enough to have a look through the local election rules adopted with the help of the political strategists from Kremlin. These rules are formulated so as to create confusion and to let the officials supervising the elections and appointed by the authorities to do what they want. One can see that they register and allow to take part in the “elections” only those teams that were considered “correct” ones and that were predominantly created by business, whereas the genuine popular forces are not allowed to participate.

Every day there takes place shelling, people die. Meanwhile President Putin already recognizes the legality of the Kiev junta who committed the anti-constitutional (according to his own description) coup and conducts with Poroshenko and the western leaders friendly negotiations on the supply of gas and on the extension of the truce that is being used to increase the strengths of the punitive troops. Both sides of the negotiations stress the inviolability of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, while there is no mentioning of the independence for the two republics, of the people’s will clearly expressed in the course of the referendums carried out in both republics.

There is one obvious conclusion: Russian authorities were never really going to defend the people of Donbas. They have been defending the interests of Russian capital in the Ukraine, in Europe in Donbas. Donbas and its population are simply handed over to the tender mercies of the Fascist authorities in Kiev. The nature of these mercies was clearly demonstrated to the world during the terrible crime in Odessa, when innocent civilians had been burned alive, their only fault being their manifestation of protest against Fascism. Donbas is being sold by the Russian collaborators. The price will decided in the course of commercial negotiations between oligarchs of Russia, Ukraine, USA and EU. It’s the simple folk that have to pay with their blood and disasters.

Russian Communist Workers Party expresses our resolute protest against the treacherous actions and the treacherous inactivity of the rulers of bourgeois Russia. We express our brotherly solidarity with the struggling working people of Donbas and of all the regions of the Ukraine where they have not put up with the fascist rule. We’ve been rendering all possible assistance to our brothers and we are going to do it in the future as well. We stay in touch with our comrades – working people in Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics, with the Workers Front of the Ukraine and of the republics. As opposed to the Russian authorities we don’t leave our comrades in distress!

Let’s not falter on the chosen way!

No pasaran!

Hands off the working Donbas!

Shame on the bourgeois authorities of Russain Federation and on their henchman!

Death to Fascist beasts! Proletariat of all countries unite!


Political council of RCW-CPSU CC

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