Ruthless society gives birth to monsters

Statement of RCWP Political Council on the last massacre of children in Kazan, Russia

On May 11 2021 there took place great tragedy – mass murder of children and teachers was again committed in Russian school. A sick freak overwhelmed with the idea of his superiority armed with an automated rifle and explosive devices burst into school #175 in Kazan and within several minutes killed and wounded dozens of defenseless people, most of them children. On having committed this hideous crime the bastard gave himself up to police. Meanwhile the cries of horror and desperation has been heard from many homes of Kazan, where the first working day following the lengthy May holidays shall be remembered as a day of mourning.

Again, we hear the questions: why does it happen? Why massacres in schools turn into repeated and familiar occurrence? We can assuredly state that our society is seriously ill, whereas in modern bourgeois Russia there have been formed quite favourable conditions for the emergence of degenerates dreaming of rising above people up to the superhuman or even God’s level, regardless the means, even by way of murdering other people

In Russia, as in any other capitalist country there have been established relations of social inequality. The so-called “successful people” control all the assets and benefits. The imposed idea of reaching success by way of the victory in competition requires that one should be ready to advance along the ladder of success while trampling over other people’s heads, that one should forget human values in order to get desired profits, and acquire a special status. Meanwhile millions of ordinary citizens have to live under conditions of constant instability, work a lot for inadequate salary and tolerate even more mockery from the “masters of life”.

A state where financial capital dominates, doesn’t struggle against religious fanaticism and nationalistic prejudices, whereas public education and healthcare system, in particular psychiatric service, are not organized so as to ensure that each person gets everything necessary for individual development and for complete manifestation of the best human qualities. Vice versa: modern education and healthcare while downgraded to the level of payed services, by no means prevent the flourishing ideas of supremacy of the strong over the weak.

It’s inevitable, that under such circumstances there appear extreme individualists that don’t care a pin about human lives and dream to rule, to dominate, to own everything and willing to suppress the “losers”, i.e. the ordinary people. Some of the more successful maniacs have managed to take over whole enterprises and branches of industry and are in a position to mock the whole working class. Some other loonies that failed to turn into the masters of the world, have still managed to get hold of an automated rifle and went to kill children. We should mention that the law enforcement cannot fully ensure security of the citizens and to prevent repetition of such tragedies in the future. The reason is not only that the main task of Russian law enforcement is defending the unjust social order and, consequently, struggling against opposition to the regime, the capitalist social order itself inevitably and constantly reproduces the whole spectrum of social diseases, mentally ick “super humans” included.

Russian Communist Workers’ Party mourns together with all who lost their loved ones in the Kazan tragedy of May 11. Meanwhile we firmly state that only Socialism is capable of creating conditions for preventing such tragedies in the future.

Political Council of RCWP-CPSU CC, May 12, 2021