Position of RCWP regarding the beginning of the criminal aggression of USA against Syria

STATEMENT By the Political Council of RCWP-CRSU Central Committee

The USA have started direct air attacks against Syrian territory. As a formal justification for the aggression they use the necessity to struggle with Islamic terrorists that proclaimed the “Islamic State” on the territories recently captured in Iraq and Syria. While doing this USA intentionally ignore the state authorities in Syria, that not only haven’t granted their consent for such actions, but also stated directly that they would consider such attacks as a direct aggression. To implement these criminal intentions USA have routinely assembled participants that are represented by the totally dependent reactionary regimes from certain Arab countries, as well as by some other Imperialist states. When committing this crime the Imperialists of USA openly violate international law as there is no consent from the UN Security Council granted, even less they care about the victims of the bomb attacks among the Syrian civil population, children included. The first air raid resulted in the deaths of some 10 civilians, among them 3 children.

It’s clear that the number of casualties is only likely to grow with each air raid of these fascist-like “fighters for human rights”. American Imperialism as represented by the President Obama talking from the tribune of UN, asserts its hegemonic aspirations to rule the fates of the world, states the special mission of American people. As an ideological justification for their Fascist attitudes USA have been getting out of their way to create an image of the world’s piece enemy embodied by Russia. To do this they’ve been extensively using and escalating the conflict in the South-East of the Ukraine, that was started by the Fascist regime in Kiev after its coming to power in February this year as the result of the state coup carried out under the direct guidance of USA and EC. The imperialists have been especially outraged by the resistance of the anti-fascist militia in the South-East of the Ukraine (the territories also known under their historical name – Novorossia) given to the punitive troops by the nationalists. In this case the same as on similar occasions, the imperialists routinely interrupt with the possibilities of peaceful solution of conflicts.

The aggression against Syrian territories was started on the sly of the events in the Ukraine; it was started at exactly the same moment when it had become clear that the government of Asad was not only capable of defeating bandits and terrorists fighting the authorities with the aid from external reaction, but that they also enjoyed unconditional support of the population’s majority. USA resorted to the use of their air forces armed with bombs and cruise missiles. Let’s remember that earlier these were the air forces of Zionist Israel that used to commit pirate air raids to Syria and bombard allegedly illegal military objects there that were allegedly involved in the production of mass-destruction weapons. Those air raids were performed by the country that has been going on to occupy the territories of Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.

International Imperialism while escalating the tensions in the different regions of the world, has been simultaneously conducting behind the scene negotiations on redistribution of the areas of influence as well as of the raw materials and sales markets, while the bourgeois authorities of Russia are one of the participants of such discussions. Thus a couple of months ago as a result of such negotiations Putin refused to supply to Syria the air defense missile complex S-300 that was supposed to be delivered to Syria in accordance with the contacts signed before the war. We have now all the reasons to expect a direct military invasion to Syria in order to overthrow the regime there, the regime that has been conducting a sovereign politics over many dozens of years and is the only real hindrance to hegemony of USA and Israel in the Middle East. Next goes Iran.

Such behavior of USA signifies not only a direct contradiction to the international law, it also reminds of the previous attempts at the domination in the world in XX Century. In the course of the WWII USA suffered in the least from the combat operations, whereas they accumulated incredible wealth when supplying military goods and subsequently using the opportunities that appeared after the war due to the exhaustion of the combatants. Nowadays the imperialists of USA use their influence to grant to President B. Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, while simultaneously they organize sources of tension in various regions of the world, thus pushing the world into the WW III. The main driving force of the handful of imperialist countries headed by USA that has been robbing the whole world, is the pursuit of profits, the wish to resolve the problems of the economic crisis with the use of the tensions’ escalating and unleashing the war, the craving for the domination in the world.

Russian Communist Workers Party resolutely condemns the aggressive actions of USA and their allies. At the same time we directly oppose our Russian Imperialism and bourgeois authorities that not only contribute to the creating of tensions in the Ukraine and some other regions, but also abstain from properly calling things, including the actions of USA that can be characterized as the Fascist ones, and carry out political bargaining in the interests of Russian capitalists. RCWP expresses our class solidarity with the struggle of Syrian, Ukrainian, Palestinian and all other peoples carried out against the modern manifestations of Fascism. We urge communists and the working from all countries to intensify their struggle with the social order that gives birth to Fascism – i.e. against Imperialism.

Rot Front!

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