RCWP: greetings to the V Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico

Attention: comrade Pavel Blanco Cabrera,
First Secretary of Central Committee of the
Communist Party of Mexico

Dear comrades in arms!

Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers Party sends our greetings to the delegates and participants of the V Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico and wishes you successful and fruitful work aimed at elaborating strategy and tactics for the development and intensification of working people’s class struggle.

Under the conditions of Capitalism’s general crisis there can be observed an obvious increase of class struggle in all its forms. Bourgeoisie has been both increasing its direct repressions against working class and the communist movement as well as its support to various opportunists and revisionists. We can state that the current crisis of communist movement that further increased as an aftermath of the failure of the CPSU led by Gorbachev and the disintegration of the Socialism in Eastern Europe, hasn’t been yet overcome whereas it has been manifesting itself in the form of the strongest right bias. V.I. Lenin used to teach us that under similar circumstances the preservation of an orthodox nature of communist party, i.e. its revolutionary nature and goals, is of paramount importance. The giving up by some of communist parties the principles of revolutionary theory and practice leads to the strengthening of bourgeois politics in workers’ movement, to ideological disarmament and organizational split of proletariat. The alleviation of the crisis in the world workers movement’s vanguard is essential for victorious solution of the ever increasing contradictions in society and for the revolutionary pulling down of the capitalist system. Together with the Communist Party of Mexico we believe that communist cannot limit their activities only by simple criticizing Capitalism and by the struggle against certain of its hideous manifestations. Communists should have clear ideas of constructing the new society; they should call on people and organize them to perform the task. Both our parties share similar or close positions in this respect and work together with other genuine Marxist parties joined around the international magazine “Communist Review”

RCWP while performing the task of turning proletariat into a struggling class, has been seeking to reinstall the orthodox, revolutionary nature of communist movement both in Russia and worldwide. To reach this goal RCWP joins all communist parties that realize the necessity to purge our ranks from revisionism and opportunism, that are involved in theoretical and practical activities aimed at strengthening of proletarian internationalism and international co-operation.

Both our parties have been working together to implement this task. We together in the same unified class ranks at the front of the battle against Imperialism. We wish us all success in this noble struggle! Let’s not falter on the chosen way!

On behalf of the RCWP-CPSU CC
Viktor Tyulkin, 1st Secretary
September 7 2014. Leningrad

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