Russian Communist Workers Party

Joint statement against the proliferation of biological weapons and for the closure of US military biological laboratories around the world

We, the Communist and workers ‘ parties, with a sense of responsibility to our peoples, struggle for immediate measures for the protection of health and the access of all workers to free treatment and the coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, we express our deep concern for the existence and operation of military biological laboratories and declare that we demand a ban on the development and proliferation of biological weapons.

Against the background of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis of capitalism and the aggravation of its contradictions, we once again see the deep shortcomings of the health system in all capitalist countries, as well as the violation of workers ‘ rights, and the generally anti-national nature of capitalism.

At the same time, we are particularly concerned about the fact that many countries continue to develop biological weapons. Only under the programs of the us Pentagon, 1,495 laboratories were created around the world, which are not accountable to the governments of the countries where they work, and their activities are not transparent. Similar laboratories have been established in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

The United States has not signed the Protocol to the international “Convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on their destruction”, thereby blocking efforts to control the Convention, while continuing to develop new types of deadly diseases.

State resources allocated for the development of biological and other deadly weapons, as well as modern scientific and technical potential, should be fully directed to providing all workers and theother popular strata with free medical care and to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to everyone without exception free of charge.

We, the Communist and workers ‘ parties are speaking out:

– For the prohibition of the development and proliferation of biological weapons

– For the immediate elimination of all US military biological laboratories in all countries of the world

– For the adoption of immediate measures to protect the health of workers, including free medical care and receiving vaccines against coronavirus

Signed by

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Communist Party of Argentina
  3. Communist Party of Australia
  4. Communist Party of Belgium
  5. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  6. Communist Party of Canada
  7. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  9. Communist Party in Denmark
  10. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  11. German Communist Party
  12. Communist Party of Greece
  13. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. Communist Party (Italy)
  15. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  16. Socialist Party (Lithuania)
  17. Communist Party of Mexico
  18. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  19. Communist Party of Norway
  20. Communist Party of Pakistan
  21. Palestinian PP
  22. Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930) 
  23. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  24. Union of Communist Parties-CPSU
  25. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  26. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  27. Syrian Communist Party
  28. Communist Party of Swaziland

To prevent development of Belarusian Maidan! Statement Political Council of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP)

About the elections held and the situation after them in Belarus


Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Belarus. According to official data, the majority of voters (80%) supported Lukashenko. We can not judge to what extent these data correspond to reality, and to what extent this result is provided by the administrative resource that the president (who has been holding this post for a long time) undoubtedly possesses. But we note only a very significant thing: the opposition did not recognize these results even before they were announced, even long before the elections were held.


And in this case, it does not really matter is this right-wing opposition pro-Western or pro-Russian – in any case it is pro-imperialist. However, the fact that matters that it is clearly nationalistic in nature, mainly similar to the Kiev Maidan, up to the collaborationist symbols of 1941.


These players cannot forgive Lukashenko for his refusal to follow Gaidar’s path by the method of “shock therapy”. He did not allow the predatory privatization to be carried out, did not allow the anti-national financial reforms to be carried out, which overnight threw the Russian population into poverty. Moreover, Lukashenko has provided the preservation of large state production in industry and agriculture, state regulation, social guarantees, etc. At the same time, we cherish no illusions and understand that the model that Lukashenko has built is still a model of capitalism.


And the bourgeois system creates its own environment and corresponding ideology. The petty bourgeois wants to become large and to have more freedom to exploit and trade. Therefore, they always willingly rely on the forces of foreign imperialists to bring their aspirations to realisation. In this case, they preferred support from the EU and the United States as more powerful predators, but with their long-standing goal of driving a wedge between the peoples of Russia and Belarus. And we see the horribly familiar pattern from the events in Ukraine, Venezuela and other regions of the world – non-recognition of the election results, the announcement of an opposition representative as the winner, an appeal to the world society, calls for people to take to the streets and provoking the government into violent clashes and riots, up to the organization of sacred sacrifices.


It is worth subjecting Lukashenko to serious criticism for the fact that he is mainly guilty of the current acute situation, since he held a course exactly for capitalism and the free market. He tried to preserve social guarantees for people, but did not want to rely on the working people. He did not amass his own capital and did not surround himself with friends oligarchs, as a Russian “guarantor”, he tried at all cost to preserve the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus and develop its economy, tried to force officials to work for this idea in market conditions, but he could not, and could not provide it within the framework of capitalism. And to count on this is naively. As you know, there is no good market. Good for the working people. Sooner or later it always leads to the Maidan as a form of seizing power by large financial capital. The power of the bourgeoisie is always essentially the dictatorship of the bourgeois class. This dictatorship can take various forms, but the essence is the same – the dictatorship of the exploiters against the exploited.


There was no opposition from the working people in this election. The working class and its organizations were not able to nominate their own candidate. We are compelled to state that the weakness of the labor movement in the country is partly one of the results of Lukashenko’s policy – the policy of suppressing any attempts at class struggle. The workers are deprived of the right to strike, transferred to fixed-term contracts, and even deprived of the right on willful resignation, not to mention political activity. In Belarus, earlier than in the Russian Federation, the retirement age was raised, taxes were proposed for the unemployed, the rights of trade unions were curtailed, etc. The authorities do not register our comrades with the Communist Party of Working People of Belarus (CPTB) and do not admit them to legitimate official policy. Thus, we cannot close our eyes to the fact that Lukashenko speaks only about the capitalist path for Belarus (“like the whole world”), and in domestic policy he pursues an agenda to strengthen the absolutism of the presidential power and intensify the exploitation of workers. This policy has led to the growth of petty-bourgeois sentiments in society and the growth of discontent among the working people. All this was used as the basis for organizing protests by the opposition.


Russian Communist Workers’ Party believes that the working people of Belarus must identify themselves and make their own choice. And this choice should be determined by an independent labor policy. The working class should not go under a false flag, it should fight precisely for its own interests, and not for the interests of the capitalists. There are enough examples in the face of the working people – the example of Kiev, when part of the working people took the side of some capitalists against others, and the example of Donbass, when miners and tractor drivers opposed the rabid Bandera supporters warmed up by the Maidan, when they fought under red flags.


We can only advise the people, Belarusian workers, to listen less to any self-styled “human rights defenders” (the guides of bourgeois democracy and “universal values”), as well as the guides of the line to crack down by the state authorities.


RCWP calls on the workers of Belarus not to allow the initiation and development of the Belarusian Maidan on the model of Kiev, but at the same time to use the situation of dissatisfaction of the part of society with the results of the elections to strengthen their own class forces, to hold meetings in factory floors and in workplaces with the engineering of requirements to the government. Now is the time for workers to make a strong demand for changes in labor legislation in the interests of all workers and the return of the Soviet retirement age, and to organize strikes in support of these demands. At the same time, we should remember that strikes organized by the headquarters of Pro-imperialist forces and aimed at realizing the demands of the Maidan are clearly reactionary, as is the movement itself, and workers can not participate in them in any case.


One of the results of this management and self-organization of workers can be the holding of a republican congress of workers, peasants, specialists and employees with the election of a permanent body based on the strength of the working class, on the strength of all working people of Belarus, capable under the ideological leadership of the vanguard formed in the struggle (the communist workers ‘party) to pursue a workers’ policy against capitalist barbarism, for democracy, for socialism.

First secretary of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers’ Party

Stepan Malentsov



Первый секретарь ЦК РКРП-КПСС С.С. Маленцов

13.08.2020 г.


Original text (Russian):


Report of Russian Communist Workers’ party at the international conference on the COVID-19 topic

Dear Comrades!

Greetings, on behalf of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party! First of all, allow me to congratulate everybody on the 75th Anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet Peoples, the Red Army, the heroic Partisans and members of the Resistance Movements, over European Nazism and Fascism.

This Victory rescued the humanity from fascist slavery and provided a powerful boost to the liberation movements across the globe. However, the complete uprooting of the Fascist ideology can only be achieved as a by-product of abolishing capitalism.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is raging across the planet, became a catalyst of economic, political and social crisis of capitalism. It has clearly demonstrated the bankruptcy of capitalism in matters of public protection against global adversities, and inability to effectively assist its own population. It is a typical paradox – that the mightiest imperialist power in the world is also the one most vulnerable one. The whole establishment of the global bourgeois community, turned out to be nothing but a house of cards. Instead of teamwork and cooperation of efforts in this time of emergency, we witness a continuation of competition, rivalry, attempts to transfer the blame on one another (USA – China – Russia), refusal to withdraw sanctions and the continuation of localised military conflicts (Donbass, Syria and so on). Numerous countries, in accordance with their planning and budgets, are in a race to develop vaccines, mostly for commercial profit. More…

Ziuganov recibe premios y permanece en silencio sobre los ataques contra Lenin.

Editorial: “Asesinato del estrangulador Stolypin”, es así que V. I. Lenin comenzó su ensayo, escrito en 1911, después de la muerte del primer ministro como resultado de un intento de asesinato en Kiev. Stolypin se hizo famoso entre la gente como estrangulador de la revolución de 1905-1907. Lenin describe su entrada al poder de la siguiente manera: “El pogromista Stolypin se preparó para el puesto ministerial exactamente como los gobernadores zaristas podrían haberse preparado: torturando a los campesinos, organizando pogromos y con capacidad para encubrir esta “práctica” asiática con glosa y frase, pose y gestos presentados pretendidamente como “europeos”. More…

زوغانوف يتلقى الجوائز ويسكت على التهجم على لينين


من المحرر: ” إماتة كبير القتلة ستوليبين Stolypin ” – هكذا بدأ لينين مقالته التي كتبها في عام 1911 إثر وفاة رئيس الوزراء القيصري الروسي هذا بنتيجة عملية اغتيال في كينوا. وكان ستوليبين في ذلك الوقت مشهورًا بين الناس بكونه “الخانق الأكبر” لثورة 1905-1907. ويصف لينين دخوله السلطة على النحو التالي: “لم يكن ستوليبين أبو المذابح ليعدّ نفسه للمنصب الوزاري إلا كما كان يليق بولاة القيصر أن يعدوا أنفسهمأنفسه له: تعذيب الفلاحين، وتنظيم المذابح، وفن التستر على هذه “الممارسات” الآسيوية من خلال تلميعها بالعبارات اللازمة، ووالتفنن في اتخاذ أوضاع وإيماءات مزيفة بغية الظهور في رداء سياسي “أوروبي”.

هل كان من الممكن أن يتخيل فلاديمير إيليتش لينين أن تمنح السلطات البرجوازية في روسيا بعد قرابة مائة عام وسام “خانق الثورة الأكبر” لزعيم حزب يطلق على نفسه اسم شيوعي، وأنه سوف يبتسم فرحاً ويحدق بامتنان المغمور باللطف والعرفان في عيني مانحيه؟ هل يمكن بعد ذلك اعتبار الحزب الشيوعي الروسي حزباً شيوعيًا واعتبار زوغانوف إنساناً شيوعياً؟


منح وسام ستوليبين يعبر أفضل من أي كلام يقال

تقبل زعيم الحزب الشيوعي غينادي زوغانوف بامتنان في 18 ديسمبر/كانون الأول الحالي جائزة جديدة من يد الحكومة الروسية هي الميدالية التي سميت باسم بيوتر ستوليبين، الرجعي المعروف ومنظم القمع الجماعي في زمن الإمبراطورية الروسية. وقد حصل زعيم “الشيوعيين الرسميين” على الجائزة من يدي رئيس الوزراء الروسي ديمتري ميدفيديف الذي كان زوغانوف قد صب عليه اللعنة وطالب باستقالته مرارًا وتكرارًا. وكان زوغانوف قد تسلم في وقت سابق، في شهر نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني، وساماً أيضا من بين أوسمة أخرى من يدي الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين الذي لم يكن لينتقده أبدًا. وحتى تهجمات بوتين الأخيرة على فلاديمير لينين تجاهلها زوغانوف، كما لو أن كلام بوتين كان ما ينبغي أن يكون حقا… هذا كل ما تجب معرفته عن المشهد المسرحي السياسي الروسي الذي يلعب فيه الحزب الشيوعي الروسي دوراً مهيناً هو دور الخدم “اليساريين” للحكومة.

تم تسليم الجائزة في مجلس الدوما، إلى حيث جاء ميدفيديف في اليوم الأخير من الدورة الخريفية للبرلمان. وقد شكر النواب على عملهم وقدم لهم الجوائز. ومن المثير للاهتمام أن زعيم الحزب الديمقراطي الليبرالي فلاديمير جيرينوفسكي حاز ميدالية ستوليبين من الدرجة الأولى، بينما حاز زوغانوف الميدالية نفسها، لكن من الدرجة الثانية. وفي الشبكات الاجتماعية، تم وصف هذه المراسيم بأنها “إذلال متفنن به” للحزب الشيوعي الروسي. فهذا الحزب كان قد طرح مرارًا وتكرارًا شعار “نعم لاستقالة حكومة ميدفيديف!” وهو لم يدعم إعادة تعيين ميدفيديف في منصب رئيس الوزراء. وأكد زوغانوف في مؤتمراته الصحافية وفي خطبه مدى سنوات عديدة أن سياسة حكومة مدفيديف “معادية للشعب”. ومع ذلك، لم يمنع كل هذا زعيم الحزب الشيوعي من قبول الجائزة بامتنان من مسؤول “مكروه لديه”. ويا لها من مكافأة! ميدالية سميت باسم العدو اللدود والشرس للثوار، وخانق الفلاحين المعلق إياهم على أعواد المشانق. زوغانوف لم يرفض الجائزة المخزية بل على العكس من ذلك اعتبر كل هذا أمرا مفروغا منه.

وفي 21 نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني، حصل زوغانوف أيضًا على وسام الاستحقاق الوطني من الدرجة الرابعة، من يد بوتين. ومنذ ما سمي “إجماع القرم”، لم ينبس الحزب الشيوعي في دعايته ​​ببنت شفة حول شخص الرئيس الروسي؛ وأي انتقاد له أصبح غير مقبول لدى “الشيوعيين”. والتهجمات الأخيرة التي شنها بوتين على مؤسس الدولة السوفيتية لينين تجوهلت من قبل الحزب الشيوعي. فلا يوجد منشور واحد حول هذه المسألة على الموقع الرسمي للحزب ؛ كما تلزم الصمت أيضًا حولها صفحة زوغانوف الشخصية والشبكات الاجتماعية.

المركز الصحافي للجنة المركزية للحزب العمال الشيوعي الروسي

Зюганов получает награды и хранит молчание о нападках на Ленина

От редакции: «Умерщвление обер-вешателя Столыпина»,- так В.И. Ленин начал свой реферат, написанный в далеком 1911г. после смерти Премьер-министра в результате  свершившегося в Киенве покушения. Столыпин к тому времени прославился в народе как душитель революции 1905-1907 г. Ленин так описывает его вхождение во власть: «Погромщик Столыпин подготовил себя к министерской должности именно так, как только и могли готовиться царские губернаторы: истязанием крестьян, устройством погромов, умением прикрывать эту азиатскую «практику» — лоском и фразой, позой и жестами, подделанными под «европейские».

Мог ли себе представить Владимир Ильич, что через сотню лет буржуазные власти России будут награждать медалью обер-вешателя лидера партии, которая называет себя коммунистической, а тот будет радостно улыбаться и благодарно заглядывать в глаза? Можно ли после этого партию КПРФ считать коммунистической а Зюганова коммунистом?

Награждение медалью Столыпина говорит лучше любых слов

18 декабря лидер КПРФ Геннадий Зюганов с благодарностью принял новую правительственную награду — медаль, названную в честь Петра Столыпина, известного реакционера и устроителя массовых репрессий в Российской Империи. Награду лидер «официальных коммунистов» принял из рук председателя правительства РФ Дмитрия Медведева, которого неоднократно проклинал и требовал его отставки. Ранее, в ноябре Зюганов получил очередной орден из рук президента РФ Владимира Путина, которого никогда не критикует. И даже недавние нападки Путина на Владимира Ленина Зюганов игнорирует, как будто так и должно быть… Это всё, что нужно знать о российском политическом спектакле, в котором КПРФ отыгрывает унизительную роль «левоватых» лакеев правительства.

Награждение состоялось в Государственной Думе, куда Медведев пришёл в заключительный день осенней сессии парламента. Он поблагодарил депутатов за работу и вручил им награды. Интересно, что лидер ЛДПР Владимир Жириновский был награждён медалью Столыпина I степени, а Зюганов — такой же медалью, но II степени. В социальных сетях эту процедуру уже назвали «изощрённым унижением» КПРФ. Ведь эта партия неоднократно выступала с лозунгом «Правительство Медведева — в отставку!» и не поддерживалапереназначение Медведева на пост председателя правительства. На пресс-конференциях и в выступлениях Зюганов много лет подчёркивал «антинародный курс» правительства Медведева. Однако всё это не помешало лидеру КПРФ с благодарностью принять от «ненавидимого» чиновника награду. И какую награду! Медаль, названную именем ярого врага революционеров, вешателя и душителя крестьян. Геннадий Андреевич не отказался от позорной награды. Напротив, всё это он воспринял как должное.

21 ноября Зюганов также получил из рук Путина орден «За заслуги перед Отечеством» IV степени. Со времён так называемого «Крымского консенсуса» КПРФ в своей пропаганде хранит гробовое молчание относительно фигуры президента; любая его критика стала для «коммунистов» недопустимой. Недавние выпады Путина против основателя Советского государства Ленина также оставлены КПРФ без внимания; на официальном сайте партии нет ни одной публикации по этому поводу, на личной странице Зюганова и в соцсетях также хранится молчание.

Пресс-центр ЦК РКРП

Зато в октябре в интервью телеканалу «Россия 24» Зюганов заявил«Для нас всех спасительно выполнение установок Президента». Иными словами, лидер КПРФ прямо признал, что его партия является пропрезидентской. И, следовательно, служит классу буржуазии.

Заслуженные награды Зюганова вместе со множеством других фактов убедительно свидетельствуют о том, что «официальная коммунистическая» партия давно играет роль обслуги правящего режима за хорошую зарплату, выполняет важнейшую функцию запутывания и одурачивания рабочего класса. Верить российским парламентским партиям, идти за ними — всё равно что играть с напёрсточниками по их правилам.

International Scientific and Practical Conference in Minsk dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Comrade I.V. Stalin’s birth INFORMATION MESSAGE

On December 14-15, 2019, by the decision of the February (2019) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, a scientific and practical conference of representatives of Communist and Workers ‘ Parties and public associations was held in Minsk, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Stalin’s birth.

The theme of the conference was “Decisive resistance to anti-Stalinism is an ideological condition for the victory of a modern socialist revolution.”

In the hall were placed a portrait of Stalin, the flag of the Soviet Union, the slogans “Revive the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” and “Our cause is Just, Victory will be Ours (Stalin).”

The conference was opened by the Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the first Secretary of the Republican Belarussian Committee of the CPSU, L. E. Shkolnikov

The conference was attended by representatives of twenty Communist and Workers ‘ Parties from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, Croatia, Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries.

The conference participants listened with great interest to the following reports:

  1. L. E. Shkolnikov: The Relevance of the victory over anti-Stalinism as a condition for getting rid of the destruction and entering into true history – the post-revolutionary history of communism”.
  2. Josef Skala (Czech Republic) “The war against Stalinism in the plans of the ideological disarmament of anti-capitalist movements and in the service of the “war party”.
  3. Seina Erkoc (Turkey) “Criticism of the anti-historical insinuations of anti-Stalinism”.
  4. V. V. Drako (Belarus) “Europe, Bow to Stalin”.
  5. Rafael Domingo (Philippines) “I. V. Stalin and the International Communist and Labour movement: the experience of the Philippines”.
  6. A. S. Anfinogenova (Moldova) “Experience of the struggle against anti-Stalinism in Moldova”.
  7. K. A. Azhibekova, Professor (Kyrgyzstan) “Revival of the Soviet Union on the Leninist-Stalinist principles is a powerful factor of humanity’s exit from the modern global crisis”
  8. Peter Nisponski (Slovakia) “The experience of the struggle against Stalinism in the Soviet republics and the other republics”.
  9. Kim Yong Soo (South Korea) “Inevitability and possibility of a socialist revolution in South Korea”
  10. V. B. Zelikov (Belarus) “Stalin is our Bolshevik banner! With the name of Stalin, we will defeat the counter-revolution!»

The comrades of the RCWP- CPSU (Russia):

  1. R. S. Osin, PhD in philosophy. “I. V. Stalin on the world revolution and socialism in a single country: theory, history, modernity”.
  2. V. A. Tyulkin “Stalin’s defining quality and a common feature of today’s anti-Communists”.
  3. V. N. Turulo “Stalin’s model of economy and modernity”.
  4. S. M. Tselykh “Stalin was a revolutionary.”
  5. K. Cherepanov “I. V. Stalin as a theorist of Marxism-Leninism”.


  1. I. Pyatkovskaya (Ukraine) “Stalin’s contribution to the development of the political economy of socialism and criticism of its falsifiers”


  1. Bossuyt. (Belgium). “Presentation of Ludo Martens’ book” Another View of Stalin” and the struggle against anti-Stalinism in the Belgian Communist movement” and others.


As a result of a thorough discussion, a resolution was unanimously adopted which will be published on the 140th anniversary of the birth of Stalin, 21 December 2019.

The conference received and read out welcoming messages from the Communist Party of Germany, the Communists of the Luhansk People’s Republic and others.

After the conference, the Secretary of the CPSU’s Central Committee A. K. Cherepanov presented the speakers with the medal “140 years since the birth of Comrade Stalin”.

The conference participants visited the Belarusian state Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic war and the Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin’s Line”, where they laid flowers at the bust of Stalin.

STATEMENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNIST INITIATIVE Against the outrageous anticommunist resolution of the European Parliament • 9/27/19 2:58 PM

The parties participating in the European Communist Initiative denounce the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the EU. This resolution promotes the unhistorical identification of communism with the monster of fascism, whitewashing the fascists and their actions, expressing hatred for the struggle of the peoples. The slander that socialism equates to fascism in the name of totalitarianism is revealed by the fact that fascism is born and bred of capitalism. Their common economic basis is the power of monopolies that only socialism overthrows.

It also provocatively argues that the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which had more than 20 million people dead and millions of others injured in order to defeat fascism in Europe, were allegedly allies with Nazi Germany. Hitler’s allies and collaborators were actually the monopolies that paved the way for him, which today are supported by the EU as well as a series of bourgeois governments in European countries.

The provocative resolution goes so far as to distort History, considering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the alleged cause of the outbreak of World War II, while it is known that the Munich Pact between G. Britain, France, Italy and Hitler’s Germany, pre-existed and which surrendered Czechoslovakia to Hitler leding to the prelude of the WWII.

All honest people understand well that the authors of the anti-communist resolution that equate fascism to communism, lie consciously and brazenly.

We denounce all the distortions of History by the EU and its governments, as well as the well- paid EU anti-communist events funding program, “Europe for Citizens”.

Anti-communism will not pass.

All persecutions of the Communists, bans on Communist Parties, destructions of monuments must stop. The truth will shine through and the people, especially the youth with their struggle, will conquer it and throw such constructions of capital and its organizations into the dustbin of History!

Communist Party of Turkey: Legacy of Comintern and the contemporary priorities of the relations between Communist Parties

Dear comrades,

As it is well known, when the Communist International was founded in 1919, it undertook the legacy of the International Working Men’s Association known as the First International. On the basis of Marx’s ideas, the international class struggle would be directed towards a proletarian revolution and proletarian dictatorship. These first pillars of the international communist movement were exactly those that were inherited by the 3rd International. More…

Communist Party of Finland. Report at the International Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist international

Finnish participation in Comintern


In order for us to posit the question regarding the formation of a new communist international, we must assess and make clear on the historical circumstances during which the previous Comintern was founded, and the goals which were set for the organization. Our contribution to this discussion will be a short, critical analysis of the actions the finnish communists of the time took within the framework of the organizations tactics. More…