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25.01.15 The civil activists and left-wing forces protested against illegal construction in Gorki Leninskie

As the press service of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights reported, that the protests against the demolition of the monument “Walking Lenin and against the attempts of the commercial construction of the cottages and warehouses at the territory of Gorki Leninskie were held 24 January 2015.




on the photo: Maria Bast, chairwoman of Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights


The protests were timed to the day of the funeral of Lenin, the activists commemorated Lenin, holding pickets around the historic route – at the southern entrance to the Gorki Leninskie




on the photo: the southern entrance to the Gorki Leninskie, 24.01.2015




– on the route of the funeral procession of Lenin to the railway station Gerasimovo (Leninskaya) and near the monument “Walking Lenin” at Kashirskoye high-way.




on the photo: protest 24.01.15 monument “Walking Lenin”, Kashirskoe high-way



The goal of protest 24 January 2015 – to draw attention to the raider attacks and building cottages of the territories of reserve Gorki Leninskie in Leninsky district of Moscow region, to express the position in connection with the large-scale construction of warehouses on the border of the reserve Gorki Leninskie, forbid the domestic and industrial sewage in the pond in front of the residence of Lenin and to the river Pakhra, say NO to the demolition of the monument “Walking Lenin” by famous sculptor Isaak Brodsky and against the vandalism: the monument has repeatedly suffered at the hands of vandals who used the monument as a target for shooting practice.



The left-wing forces and other civil activists began the protests at 14.00 near the monument “Walking Lenin” and at the southern entrance of Gorki Leninskie, where the activists stood along the alley with posters and red carnations in their hands. “History does not delete”, “Do not touch Lenin”, “Science, instead of religion” – the main slogans of picketers who could see the tourists and locals. The visitors of Lenin residence expressed the solidarity to the activists.






on the photo: Victor Rybnikov, activist
The human rights defenders of Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, activists of the “Left Front”, anarchists, “The Other Russia”, “Working Russia”, “Young Communist League”, “United Communist Party”, “Workers’ Union of Moscow”, “Rot Front “,” Interregional Trade Union of Railway men”, ” Revolutionary Workers Party “and other civil activists participated in protests 24 January 2015.

According to experts of the Association, during the pickets police was absent, local or regional authorities had no complaints to the activists.