Russian Communist Workers Party

ROT FRONT: Who we are?


«Russian United Labour Front (ROT FRONT – the Russian abbreviation) is a wide coalition of communists and militant Trade Unions that was created several years ago in Russian Federation. Its core is composed of the Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP) and of such Trade Unions as “Defense of Labour”, “Interregional Trade Union of car industry”, “New Trade Unions”.

RCWP-CPSU Why do we call ourselves communists

Why do we call ourselves Communists?

We call ourselves Communists because our ideal and scientifically founded target is the ensuring of complete wellbeing and free harmonic development of all members of society that is based on the principles of social equality, freedom, social justice and solidarity, as opposed to a simple satisfaction of consumer needs of separate persons.

There was no break – brief history of RCWP

Notes on the history of RCWP’s foundation written on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Russian Communist Workers Party and Revolutionary Party of Communists.