Russian Communist Workers Party

Ban on CPU by Kiev junta_Statement of RCWP CC


Ukrainian Ministry of Justice initiated a trial aimed at banning the officially registered Communist Party of the Ukraine (CPU) that has its fraction in the Ukrainian Parliament. This move is not unexpected, vice versa - it’s quite natural for Fascism that has come to power. The current Ukrainian authorities that came to power on the wave of primitive nationalism and anti-communism as a result of violent coup directly assisted by the representatives of imperialistic states, first of all of the USA, is in fact a symbiosis of oligarchs and fascist politicos. On having come to power they immediately rejected the already slim remnants of the bourgeois democracy and came over to an open terroristic dictatorship. History tells us that in all times Fascists of all sorts started their march to power with the struggle against workers’ movement followed by bans on communist ideology and outlawing the activities of communist parties. The creation of Anti-Comintern Pact preceded the WWII. The fascist authorities of the Ukraine are not an exception from the rule.

Written report of RCWP for the International Communist Seminar (ICS) , Brussels, 27-29 of June 2014

“1914-2014: Imperialism means war”
(The report of RCWP is compiled based on the party’s theoretical articles as well as on various arguments and suggestions we got from brotherly parties and our readers)
Stop modern Fascism!
(Struggle of communists against the source of wars – Imperialism)

RCWP: our greetings to KKE on the success in European parliament election campaign

May 27th 2014
Dear comrades in arms!
Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers Party sends greetings to our Greek comrades and congratulates you on the strengthening of your positions, the strengthening that has been achieved under the most complicated conditions in the course of the European parliamentary elections on the 25th of May as well as in the local elections.

Down on your knees, you blackguards! And who are actually the blackguards?

Statement of the Political Council of RCWP Central Committee on the threat of escalating the smoldering military conflict in Crimea, Ukraine and all over the World.