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Great October Socialist Revolution Anniversary – seasonal greetings by RCWP 2014

Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Greetings from RCWP-CPSU CC

RCWP: FAQ on the events around Crimea and in the Ukraine

General introduction
Our comrades from certain western countries asked us on a number of occasions to express our opinion and gave a more detailed information regarding the events that have been under way in the Ukraine since February 2014, when as a result of the state coup in the Ukraine there came to power a regime of extreme nationalists and open Nazis and a civil war broke out in the Eastern regions of the country where people decided to render a resistance to the nationalistic junta in Kiev and to her sponsors from the West.

The tragedy of Donbas

The tragedy of Donbas: oral promises of help by the Russian authorities essentially mean a betrayal of the resistance in the Ukraine
Statement of RCWP-CPSU CC Political council

RCWP, European communist meeting 2014: Fascism is the most dangerous manifestation of imperialistic politics

Russian Communist Workers Party, European Communist Meeting 2014: Fascism: the most dangerous manifestation of imperialistic politics
Dear comrades!
It is well known that in the process of its development the capitalist social-economic formation adopted and used various forms of organization and rule, when leaving its essence, i.e. its capitalist nature intact. Thus Imperialism is not a separate type of social-economic formation, but it is a certain stage of Capitalism’s development, a form of its existence under certain historical conditions. This stage is characterized by changing of certain properties of Capitalism – some of them discontinue, whereas others appear – these processes were first described by Lenin, i.e. first of all Capitalism acquires the monopolistic nature as well as some other known features.

Recent elections in Russia: a successful show

On September 14th there was simultaneously held a number of local elections in Russia where they chose 30 governors and as well as the deputies for 14 regional parliaments (there was also many elections on district and municipal levels). It didn’t come as a surprise that everywhere the candidates who enjoyed the support of the party in power – i.e. of the “United Russia”, won. Among the winners were also listed one liberal candidate (Belykh – candidate for governor’s post) and one candidate from CPRF (Communist Party of Russian Federation, Potomsky) that were both also supported by the “United Russia”.

Position of RCWP regarding the beginning of the criminal aggression of USA against Syria

STATEMENT By the Political Council of RCWP-CRSU Central Committee

RCWP: greetings to the V Congress of the Communist Party of Mexico

Attention: comrade Pavel Blanco Cabrera,
First Secretary of Central Committee of the
Communist Party of Mexico

Russia will not ship S-300 MPADS to Syria

What else could we expect from collaborationists?*
On the 11th of August Russian news agency Interfax reported that the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation Konstantin Biryulin told that the Russian S-300 ant-aircraft missile systems intended for Syria would be destroyed.

Ban on CPU by Kiev junta_Statement of RCWP CC


Ukrainian Ministry of Justice initiated a trial aimed at banning the officially registered Communist Party of the Ukraine (CPU) that has its fraction in the Ukrainian Parliament. This move is not unexpected, vice versa - it’s quite natural for Fascism that has come to power. The current Ukrainian authorities that came to power on the wave of primitive nationalism and anti-communism as a result of violent coup directly assisted by the representatives of imperialistic states, first of all of the USA, is in fact a symbiosis of oligarchs and fascist politicos. On having come to power they immediately rejected the already slim remnants of the bourgeois democracy and came over to an open terroristic dictatorship. History tells us that in all times Fascists of all sorts started their march to power with the struggle against workers’ movement followed by bans on communist ideology and outlawing the activities of communist parties. The creation of Anti-Comintern Pact preceded the WWII. The fascist authorities of the Ukraine are not an exception from the rule.