Russian Communist Workers Party

Yet another Nazi excess in Ukraine. Statement of RCWP-CPSU CC Secretariat

As it is known the Ukrainian rulers that came to power as a result of a coup have been doing their best to attain more legitimacy to their regime. To do this they have organized a number of sham election campaigns and they have been in the process of organizing yet another one. Under the conditions of war in Donbass there already took place parliamentary and presidential elections in the rest of Ukraine, now they are preparing elections of regional legislative bodies. In such periods usurpers of power as a rule try to demonstrate their allegedly democratic approaches, their “openness” and “impartiality”. It’s clear that there exists no such thing as honest elections under the conditions of bourgeois dictatorship, nevertheless this time the junta in Kiev has overdone it and tried to prevent the appearance of even a hint of protest voting by people. Justice Ministry of Ukraine has issued an illegitimate, even nonsensical ruling banning any opportunity to take part in the elections to all parties that have in their name the word “Communist”, i.e. here we see attempts to struggle with the name of communists itself, with their ideology. This is a direct imitation of Hitler and Goebbels methods. Of course both the minister of justice as well as the political circles in Ukraine are perfectly aware that this ruling is illegal, that it contradicts both Constitution and all international norms and human rights. When did it ever stop the dictatorship of bourgeoisie?


Here once again we can clearly see this animal fear of capitalists in the presence of communists. This time – even the fear of the word “Communist”. Yes, it’s obvious that one cannot take power by way of elections, but even under the conditions of bourgeois pressure the elections give political organizations opportunity to address popular masses with their message of truth, to present their position. Even such a small opportunity that people can hear the word of truth scares the authorities.


We call on all people worldwide to express their outcry against the unprecedented breach of democracy in Ukraine. We express our solidarity with communists of Ukraine and wish that they should retain their firmness in the struggle with advancing Fascism.


 We are together with you in the same ani-fascist class ranks, dear comrades!


Secretariat of RCWP-CPSU CC

31/07/2015 Leningrad