Russian Communist Workers Party

Statement of the Political Council of RCWP-CPSU CC

Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP-CPSU) protests against the decision of the court of Alma-Aty city taken on 03.08.2015, this decision dissolving the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK). This court decision means the cancellation of the party as a legal entity. This move is aimed at destruction of legal and independent communist movement in Kazakhstan and is in line with the general politics of the authorities of Kazakhstan who have been striving to suppress any manifestation of oppositional activities there.



The activity of CPK was already suspended for several times, in particular because of their political support rendered to the strike of oil industry workers in Zhanaozen, whereas the participants of the strike had been subjected to severe repressions including shooting them down. Another reason for suspension of CPK’s activities included participation of the party in the coalition of oppositional organizations in 2011-12. The current ban on the party that cancels the official registration itself is intended to prevent communists and representatives of working people from taking part in the coming parliamentary elections.


The dissolution of CPK should be considered along with the general trend of anti-workers and anti-social reforms that have been under way in Kazakhstan. Here we should mention the new law “On trade unions” adopted last year, this law denying workers right to establish their own class unions that would be independent both from the authorities and from the owners. The new Criminal Code contains articles referring to “illegal strikes”, “illegal meetings”, “creation of unregistered trade unions” etc.


RCWP-CPSU stands in solidarity with the struggle of CPK’s activists aimed at preserving their party and against the actions of the authorities to dissolve it. RCWP-CPSU demands that the Supreme Court, the government and the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan should immediately cancelled the illegal and politically biased anti-communist ruling to ban the oldest party in the republic, the party that from the very beginning used to play the leading role in creation and development of Kazakh SSR.


Hands off the Communist Party of Kazakhstan!


Political Council of RCWP-CPSU