Russian Communist Workers Party

Russia will not ship S-300 MPADS to Syria

What else could we expect from collaborationists?*

On the 11th of August Russian news agency Interfax reported that the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation Konstantin Biryulin told that the Russian S-300 ant-aircraft missile systems intended for Syria would be destroyed.

According to Biryulin, the decision to cancel the contract with Syria for the supply of S-300 was taken by the Russian political authorities following the sanctions imposed by UN. Here is meant the old agreement between Russia and Syria for purchase of 4 S-300 systems’ batteries for the total worth of 900 millions USD. According to Israeli sources one of the payments in line with this contract was transferred by Syria to Russia through Vneshekonombank (VEB) in 2013. Mr. Ruslan Pukhov, the Director of the Strategy and Technology Analysis’ Center and a member Public Council by Defense Ministry reports that Russia stopped the shipment of these systems because on the one hand they are useless against armed units of the opposition, on the other hand under given circumstances they are not likely to be applied against the military planes of NATO whereas their appearance in Syria could only irritate the West.

Comments by the 1st Secretary of RCWP Viktor Tyulkin

V.T. The move was basically expected. The bourgeois authorities of Russia have been quietly giving up our ally, betraying him. In fact this is not just a refusal to help, a breach of a signed contract, this is a case of aiding and abetting to the impudent Fascism of the USA and Europe. The situation in Syria has not improved either since 2010 when the contract was signed, or since 2013 when Russia was still confirming her obligations to execute the contract. In fact there has been observed a growing number of victims, the bandits have been granted overt and ever increasing political, organizational, military and financial aid from USA and NATO. The supplies of chemical weapon have been brought out of the country and utilized whereas the suggestions to resolve the Syrian issue by means of a direct military intervention (like the one by the French President F. Holland) are still in effect. More than that: the imperialists of the USA and the European Union have organized the state coup in Ukraine and using the Kiev junta as a tool they have unleashed a wide-scale punitive operation in the South-East of Ukraine. The simultaneous destabilization in Iraq has been involving additional reactionary forces to the Middle-East conflict. The current situation in the world as well as the sad and tragic experience of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya tells us that only the possession of an effective defensive weapons like the S-300 MANPADS could to some extent deter a potential aggressor. Nevertheless, the Russian bourgeoisie that has been constantly bargaining with the West, while refusing to supply Syria with the anti-aircraft weapon, has deprived them of any hope to defend themselves against the massacre from the air.

The class meaning of this move is quite obvious: while being put under the pressure of Fascist elements of the world Imperialism and while not having the courage and the resources to help properly our brothers in the South-East of the Ukraine, Putin has been sacrificing his remoter friends.

Our prognosis of the events in the world is extremely poor. Fascism has been growing stronger, the situation has been deteriorating, whereas the probability of the world war has been ever obvious. The extreme Ukrainian nationalists Bandera style have been roistering in the east of Ukraine. What about Russia? RCWP states that the Russian nationalists Vlasov style are no better than the Ukrainian ones. One obviously cannot make anti-fascists from Russian nationalists.

The struggle against Fascism should be undertaken by the wide masses of working people.

Press-Center of RCWP CC

13 August 2014 г.
* Here are meant the Russian collaborationists headed by General Vlasov, who co-operated with Nazi Germany during the WWII