Russian Communist Workers Party

RCWP Season Greeting

Dear comrades in arms!

Our best wishes for the coming 2016!

Last decades have proved to be very difficult for simple working people. We did our best to defend the rights of workers, but we had to retreat. The whole huge power of bourgeois states fought against us but they haven’t succeeded to break us. It’s not possible to break us! This is explained by the fact that we believe in the power of human reason and spirit. We know that our Marxist-Leninist teaching is omnipotent as it is true. Our case is just!

Nevertheless we should remember that whatever strong the truth is, its victory cannot be taken for granted. The truth is asserted through people’s struggle, through people’s work. Whether we achieve anything depends on how we are going to struggle. The only thing is clear: if we don’t not fight, they will take from us all that still remain now.

Our fate is the class struggle. We, communists from different countries stay together in the proletarian ranks taking part in the never ending class battles. In 2015 our class Front (Russian United Labour Front) took part in many skirmishes. We’ve managed to achieve certain success in those battles. Lets’ congratulate us on those successes! Our slogan “Workers of the World unite!” remains as topical as always.

We remember that 2016 is followed by 17. We shall do our best to meet the trust and expectations of the people.

Let’s not falter on our chosen way! Persistence of each is the condition of the total construction’s firmness.

Keep her steady, comrades! We wish you all success and tenacity!


On behalf of RCWP CC

1st Secretary                                                                                                   V.A. Tyulkin

Leningrad, December 29 2015