Russian Communist Workers Party

Greetings of RCWP Central Committee on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany

Dear comrades!


Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP-CPSU) congratulates you on the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War that removed the threat of genocide and enslavement of the Soviet people, the people of Europe and of the whole world by the Nazis of Hitler.


The heroes that had fallen in the battles for the dignity and freedom of their Soviet-socialist Motherland, for the decent and free life of all the peoples of the globe have deserved eternal glory.


Heroic soldiers of the Red Army, partisans and underground fighters, workers of the rear, all who had won the war under incredibly severe conditions of the military confrontation with the Fascism that had at its disposal the resources of the whole Europe, have deserved our eternal gratitude


We express our deep respect to the communists-Bolsheviks, and members of Komsomol who were the first to enter the fight under the leadership of VKP(b) Central Committee’s Secretary, Chairman of the State Defense Committee, Supreme Military Commander Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin who as a follower of V.I. Lenin had rallied the peoples of the multinational Soviet Union into the united Soviet people and inspired them on heroic deeds.



Glory to the Soviet people who won the war!


Attention, care and honours to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War!


Nevertheless, we again are going to celebrate this anniversary with tears in our eyes – exactly as it was in 1945 when our fathers and grandfathers threw the Nazi Wermacht’s banners to the Lenin’s Mausoleum. Then those tears were caused by the terrible catastrophe that the people had just got through, by the acute pain the people had suffered.  Nowadays the tears are due to the fact that the Fascism that had been overcome then, has been springing back to life, this time in the form of undisguised successors of Nazi-collaborators from 1941-45 – the Ukrainian nationalists of S. Bandera who had acted as punitive units of German troops in the occupied territories of USSR. These Fascist beasts, i.e. such organizations as UNA-UNSO, UPA have been trampling down the earth of Ukraine again. Here in the Ukraine, on the territory of USSR the alliance of foreign and local Fascist has unleashed a bloody war and the people of Donbass has again risen up and created anti-Fascist resistance. Communists as it is always the case fight in the forefront of the resistance.


We are choked with anger because the banners of the Nazi-collaborator general Vlasov have been raised over cities of modern Russia. We are choked with anger because his successors who have implemented the plans of Hitler and have even outdone him in destruction of the USSR, of all that was created by Soviet people, now brazenly and hypocritically dare to privatize the great Victory of the Soviet people


We herby state: nobody and nothing has been forgotten! We call on all communists and working people not to allow Fascists and their ideological allies to perform their dirty business in our land. We know too well that Fascism of all shades and colours, of any nationality is produced by Capitalism and one can only defeat it finally by way of destructing Capitalism on Earth.


Let the Day of Victory become the day when all peoples, first of all working people should unite their effort not only to rebuff Fascism in Ukraine but to overthrow Capitalism that gives birth to Fascism all over the World!


May 9th 2015