Russian Communist Workers Party

German female operators of large industrial cranes express their solidarity with Natalia Lisitsyna, presidential candidate of the RKRP (Russian Communist Workers Party)

6 January 2018

A letter of support

Russian Communist Workers Party has ample international relations. Such is the history of links between the RCWP and the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPG). Notwithstanding several ideological and theoretical discrepancies, both parties are in solidarity about necessary work with the proletariat towards revolutionary change of existing social orders.

Recently, the MLPG leadership sent to the address of the RCWP a very interesting document — a letter, directed to Natalia Lisitsyna, workers’ candidate on forthcoming presidential elections [in Russia, SV] and signed by two of her colleagues, German female operators of large industrial cranes. ROT FRONT website editorial office prepared this letter for printing and is now offering it to its readers. While German workers will learn about Lisitsyna’s struggle from the pages of the newspaper Rote Fahne (Red Flag).

Dear Natalia!

We have learned about your successful struggle to build a trade union at the Kirov factory. We have been very impressed. We know that you are now subjected to pressure from the company management, and deem it unacceptable. We have been hearing how they try to repress and isolate you, and we have also learned that you and your comrades are bravely fighting against it. A lot of it reminds us about our own struggle. We are expressing to you our whole solidarity in this struggle. We will certainly let the people in Germany know about it.

We are Ute and Anne from Germany. We have been working for years as industrial crane operators. Ute has worked at a steel mill, which was closed in 2015, whereas Anne has been working in the cold rolling section. Now we have other workplaces, in the sheet steel production in the city of Dortmund.

We belong to those one hundred thousand steel mill workers whose workplaces are jeopardized by the so-called “reorganization” of the steel making industry. Using the planned merger of the TKSE (ThyssenKrupp Steel) and Tata Steel Europe, the TKS management wants to regain the world market leadership by cutting thousands of workplaces and worsening the work conditions. We organize our struggle against it factories. However, an international strike is needed, company-wide, to prevent those intentions. And since we represent this struggle, we are also subjected to repressions at the factory. The pressure is not directed towards us personally, but towards us as workers movement leaders. When this struggle became the matter of all workers, we invariably managed to repel those attempts. We want to stay connected with Russian workers, exchanging the experience of fight against suppression and organizing the solidarity.

We have also learned about your candidacy against Putin, in presidential election. Wonderful! This impresses us very much. Here [in Germany, SV] our “International List / MLPG” put our candidates, having a real workers program, for workers. Many prominent workers spoke invariably in this electoral alliance, like a former Opel worker from the city of Bohum, then miner leaders in the city of Dortmund, and a large strike leader of steel workers in late 1980s, in the city of Duisburg-Rheinhausen.  Intensification of workers activity and their incursion into politics are prerequisites for winning real changes in the society. We have also always strived for “workers to politics” and, therefore, are very glad that it is your guideline, as well. That is exactly why we rejoice seeing a simple worker raising her candidacy against Putin. If it were possible, we would vote for you!

Kirov factory has an enormous historical importance for us in Germany. Because the strikes in it significantly facilitated the February Revolution and were major step forward, toward the great October Revolution and in the struggle for the world socialist revolution — for which we are working nowadays, as well.

It is not without reason that the ruling class fears such courageous and self-confident women, as you are, ad as we are! Your struggle confirms again the slogan: “Proletarians of all lands, unite!” in words and in deeds.

We wish to you and to your comrades-in-arms a lot of success and a militant New Year! We will be looking forward to hear your news!

With cordial regards,
Ute and Anne