Russian Communist Workers Party

Down on your knees, you blackguards! And who are actually the blackguards?

Statement of the Political Council of RCWP Central Committee on the threat of escalating the smoldering military conflict in Crimea, Ukraine and all over the World.

On the 1st of March 2014 the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament – the Council of Federation granted President V. Putin a right to apply military forces in connection with the situation in the Ukraine in order to defend citizens of Russia, Russian-speaking people, as well as the units of the Russian Black Sea Fleet* against fascist and bandit elements on the territory of the Ukraine.

Outwardly everything looks correct and noble and this intention is supported by the majority of the citizens of Russia, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Nevertheless, we believe it’s high time to recall that on the 17th of March there will be the 23rd Anniversary of the Referendum on the future of the USSR (March 17th 1991) when the majority of the citizens had resolutely voted that the USSR should be preserved. We should also remember and analyze the reasons why in the USSR before the shameful “perestroyka” there had been no conflicts and wars between peoples.

Such occurrences were absent then, because the Union was based on the principles of the Soviet Power, i.e. the power that belongs to working people and that acts in the interests of working people. As it is known working people don’t have to compete between themselves for let’s say territories, markets or something like that, that’s why the people used to live as a big family – i.e. the Soviet People, the people that proved its integrity by defeating European Fascism in 1945.

As soon as both the State and the ruling party started to give up the task of the development of Socialism and started to move towards the so-called market and Capitalism, there had sprung up to life capitals, merchants and a variety of petty vendors that divided between themselves the markets, fought for their profits and influence while throwing simple people into the bloodbath of wars between peoples.

The course towards Capitalism has destroyed the USSR and brought wars and massacre to the lands of the Soviet Republics. Let’s remember these names: Sumgait and Karabakh (Azerbaijan), Tajikistan, Pridnestrovie (or Transnistria), Chechen Republic, Abkhazia, Southern Ossetia, and now it’s the Ukraine. These are all links of the same chain. This is a product of Society’s capitalization. When we ask a question: “Who is to blame?” – the most simple and correct answer would be “Capitalism”.

These days in the Ukraine there appeared a habit to mark a local victory over opponent by ordering him on his knees in order make him show repentance in front of public.

By and large the still living rulers such as Gorbachev, Kravchuk (Ukraine), Shushskevich (Belorus) along with such former party secretaries as Rakhmonov (Tadjikistan), Nazarbaiev (Kazakhstan), as well as Putin together with Yanukovich, Kuchma and Yushchenko – all of them should be brought on their knees to beg pardon from the peoples of the USSR. Exactly these persons implemented the politics of capitalization that had brought blood and disasters on the lands of the Soviet Republics.

It’s clear that in the conflicts in the Ukraine there have been clashing the interests of the biggest capitals of Ukraine, Russia as well of Western Europe and the World. Surviving after the WWII Ukrainian nationalists of Bandera** that have managed to resurrect, would have never dared to act in the Ukraine unless they had support of the real source of Fascism – i.e. of the most reactionary, the most imperialistic elements of not only local financial Capital, but of the one from the West as well. These imperialistic forces have their own, well defined aims that presume warmongering in the territory of the Ukraine and unleashing a war between Russia, the Ukraine and the forces being dragged into the conflict. Let’s remember that this year is marked by the 100th Anniversary of the WWI unleashed by the young Imperialism of the 20th Century.

Bourgeois Russia has stated her readiness to defend her citizens and the population of the Ukraine against fascist and bandit elements. Nevertheless, one should clearly understand that the interests of simple people in this conflict are basically neglected and only serve a task of propagandistic cover of the operation aimed at defending Russian Imperialism’s interests, at struggling to gain influence in the Ukraine as well as in the World. We are aware that also in Russia herself the Capital is always ready to throw away such form of its domination as Bourgeois Democracy and establish a terroristic, fascistic dictatorship. It is really sad to observe people cheering for the flags of Gen. Vlasov*** fighting against the flags of Bandera nationalists.

Under current circumstances RCWP supports the self organization of the peoples of the Ukraine and Crimea as well as of the Ukrainian regions in their struggle against fascist thugs. Communists recognize the right of the multinational people of Crimea and Ukrainian regions for self determination by means of organizing the struggle and establishing the power of the people themselves.

In case of obvious exhaustion of the population’s capacity to defend themselves against the pressure of fascist elements, RCWP considers it possible to use external bourgeois power including Russian army, providing there is a corresponding request from the people and authorities of Crimea. All this should only serve the task to curb the spreading Fascism. These measures should influence the self proclaimed bourgeois-nationalistic authorities in the Ukraine. The only factor that could contain and sober down the fascist thugs is readiness to apply force. They don’t understand the language of negotiations as the experience of conciliatory politics by president Yanukovich has demonstrated.

RCWP calls on working people and Communist organizations of the Ukraine to explain it to people and to organize them to fight the main cause of all the disasters and bloodshed in the Ukraine, Russia and the rest of USSR Republics, i.e. to fight Capitalism. Russian capitalists are no better than the Ukrainian or the western ones – they’ve been trying to get their profits at the expense of a weaker Ukrainian economics, i.e. at the expense of working people. They are not interested in maintaining the self organization of the people that has been achieved recently. The main task of Communists is to preserve and develop the elements of this self organization, to introduce in it a political perception of the real reasons for the people’s misery both in the Ukraine and in Russia, to direct the struggle of working people by all nations against parasites regardless their nation, to direct it against Capitalism.

Working people shall be able to work and live in friendship and in peace and build Socialism only after we bring Capitalism on its knees. Only then shall we be able indeed to say “Down on your knees, you blackguards!”, but to do this we’ll have to mobilize forces and organize the struggle.

Workers of the world, unite!

* Since 1991 Black See Fleet of Russia has been stationed in Crimea in accordance with a number of internationally recognized agreements between Russian Federation and the Ukraine;

** – S. Bandera – main leader of Ukrainian nationalists in Western Ukraine (Galicia), who headed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The ideology of this movement was developed under the strong influence of German Nazism, the members of the movement actively collaborated with the German Nazi troops in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR during WWII.

*** – A former Soviet general who after having being taken prisoner by German Nazi troops during WWII betrayed USSR and started actively collaborate with Germans. On orders by Nazis he was busy organizing anti-soviet military units to help German army, those units are also known under the name of “Russian Liberation Army”. As their banner his troops used the same tricolor flag that had been used in Tsarist Russia and is being currently used in Russian Federation.