Russian Communist Workers Party

Delegalization of the Communist Party of Poland is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice.

State Prosecutor’s Office is gathering materials for the Prosecutor General who is going to ask the Constitutional Court about accordance of the CPP programme with a constitution. That means checking if the Party does not refer to practices of the totalitarian system, mentioned in the article 13 of the constitution. Regional proseutor’s offices are also collecting materials about the activity of the CPP including use of the communist symbols (for example during the 1 May demonstration in Dabrowa Gornicza).

It is the next attempt to delegalise the CPP by the right wing governmental Law and Justice (PiS) party. Minister of Justice currently has also a function of the Prosecutor General and members of the Constitutional Court were nominated by the ruling party.

On 21st of June the district court in Katowice decided to maintain the prosecutor’s appeal from earlier decision on discontinuation of the trial of our party members. It means that after 1,5 year of proceedings the trial will start again. Proceedings will continue in the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

On 22nd of June parliament passed an extension of the act on ban of promotion of communism. I enclose the text of our Party statement on this topic.