Russian Communist Workers Party

RCWP: our greetings to KKE on the success in European parliament election campaign

May 27th 2014

Dear comrades in arms!

Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers Party sends greetings to our Greek comrades and congratulates you on the strengthening of your positions, the strengthening that has been achieved under the most complicated conditions in the course of the European parliamentary elections on the 25th of May as well as in the local elections.

The example of KPE that strictly adheres to orthodox Marxism and to the struggle of working class is very important to us. The most indicative is the fact that the Greek comrades have managed to retain this position under the conditions of the strongest pressure, at the time when bourgeoisie has been trying to rescue itself by way of strengthening the right pro-fascist forces, whereas opportunists of all sorts keep inventing various schemes of co-operation with bourgeoisie and the “treatment” of Capitalism including those of taking part in the so called left-to-center governments, the display of pseudo-patriotic emotions referred to the responsibility for the Nation etc.

The experience of accumulation of class forces within the block “People’s Consolidation” carried out in alliance with PAME is of special interest to us.

We wish our Greek comrades all success in the struggle for the workers’ cause.

Communists from Russian Communist Workers Party are in the same class ranks as you are, dear comrades.

Let’s not falter on the chosen way!

On behalf of RCWP Central Committee,

First Secretary of CC Viktor Tyulkin

Leningrad, 27/05/2014