Russian Communist Workers Party

Contribution of RCWP, 17th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, Istanbul

Let’s retain the revolutionary spirit of Marxism!


Report of the 1-st Secretary of RCWP CC Viktor Tyulkin at the XVII International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Istanbul: “The tasks of Communist and Workers’ Parties to strengthen the struggle of the working class against capitalist exploitation, imperialist wars and fascism, for workers’ and peoples’ emancipation, for socialism”, 30.10-01.11.2015.


Dear comrades,

First of all we’d like to thank our Turkish comrades for the organization of this meeting, the work that was carried out under the very difficult political circumstances in Turkey.


We’ve started to meet this way long ago (we have the 17th meeting now). When this process was started many of us thought about creation of a new Comintern, nevertheless we should frankly admit that we’ve not advanced a lot in this direction. The confusion and vacillation in communist and left workers’ movement have been too great after the disintegration of USSR, whereas the opportunistic right bias is too strong and has been still gaining its strength.


We believe that our meetings are important. Here different opinions and parties meet, various views can be expressed and this is undoubtedly useful. First of all we exchange our views on theoretical issues as well as present our analysis of the situation in the world and share the experience of our own struggle.


As it is known, practice is the criterion of truth. Based on this Marxist principle we continue our analysis of the international situation that we started at the previous meeting in Ecuador.

1. The defeat of Socialism in USSR and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe has had a negative effect on the situation worldwide. First, in the absence of the socialist countries’ example Capital started its all-out offensive against the rights of working people. Second, the world Imperialism, first of all its task force as represented by the imperialists of USA and NATO countries has started to act even more dissolutely, aggressively, without taking into consideration the norms of international law. The massacres of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and nowadays – of Syria, the threats towards DPRK and Iran, instigating and maintaining the bloody conflict in Ukraine are all the examples of the above. In the words of Lenin “in front of us there is a completely naked Imperialism, that doesn’t find it necessary to even cover itself with anything while believing that it is splendid as it is

2. Our analysis at the previous meetings demonstrated that neither the essence of Imperialism nor the essence of financial capital have changed. Modern imperialism could be quite precisely described by Lenin’s theory of Imperialism that was based on the law of unequal development of capitalist countries, i.e. that the handful of the wealthiest countries, of the biggest imperialist predators rob the rest of the world. Their habit of going over from bourgeois Democracy to the open dictatorship of Financial Capital, i.e. to fascist dictatorship is still there, this transition used under certain circumstances to ensure their interests


3. We came to a conclusion that it’s not possible to understand the essence of these events without taking into account the experience of our predecessors, first of all the one of Comintern. At that time Imperialism set up the Anti-Comintern Pact led by Nazi Germany. This is the Imperialism of USA and EU that lead anticommunist forces nowadays. Dialectical approach demonstrates that Comintern gave a correct definition of Fascism as that definition referred to Fascism in general, and not to a particular type of Fascism of that time. The manifestations of Fascism can change whereas its essence and consequently its definition remain true for today which allows us to correctly evaluate the latest political events.


Fascism in power is the open, terroristic dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialistic elements of finance capitalism, a special form of class domination of bourgeoisie… Fascism is not the power that is above all the classes, it is not the power of petty bourgeoisie and lumpen-proletariat over financial capital. Fascism is the power of financial capital itself. This is the organization of terroristic massacre of working class and the revolutionary part of peasantry and intelligentsia. Fascism in international relations means chauvinism in its cruelest form practicing zoological hatred towards other nations”.


Fascism is characterized by rejecting the democratic forms of bourgeois domination and coming over to open bourgeois terror. In modern world the majority of bourgeois states use various forms of bourgeois democracy within their states while abstaining from establishing a dictatorship in its open terroristic form. Another approach is used when their internal politics are transformed into international ones. We should recognize that exactly Financial Capital forms the core of imperialistic forces, whereas its relative influence is much higher than it was in the middle of XX Century. Fascism is just one of possible reactions of Imperialism aimed at rescuing the capitalist rule from the dangers of socialist revolutions, especially in the periods of crises. That’s why an open anticommunism and consistent anti-workers politics are essential features of Fascism. To achieve its aims Fascism extensively uses the instruments of sweeping and active social demagoguery. All these features can be obviously seen nowadays in the politics of Imperialism and time and again are carried out with the help of the modern Social Democracy.


4. The analysis of the modern nternational processes demonstrates that we deal with a modern Fascism, a Fascism of the XXI Century, nevertheless it’s still a Fascism and it is led by the Imperialism of USA and EU. The ideology of racism, the claims to be the God’s chosen people that were characteristic of fascists in XX Century these days takes the form of ranking whole sovereign countries and peoples as underdeveloped, non-democratic, or even rouge countries. We’ve heard the Nobel Prize winner, USA President Barak Obama expressing his claims for the special role of American nation in the world. The functions of the Anti-Comintern Pact have been now performed by NATO and its henchmen.

Taking the above into consideration we should review the role of Russia in these processes. It’s very important as a fit of false patriotism has seized many leftist and allegedly communist forces both in Russia and abroad which manifests itself in the claims that Russia plays a positive role, that she withstands the aggressiveness of American Imperialism and that she is almost a savior of the world from the unipolar dictate etc.


In this respect we state as follows: we believe that the modern Russian state is undoubtedly a state of Monopolistic Capitalism. Modern Russia is a young but voracious imperialistic predator, whereas its behavior is dominated first of all by economic interests of the Russian monopolies’ owners and by ambitions to get political advantages. Nevertheless, as it was already the case in the struggle with Fascism, one can and should use the cracks in the imperialistic camp, the clashes of interests of the biggest imperialistic powers and alliances. Based on these assumptions we asses positively the help rendered by Russia to the legal government of Syria, we support the decision to incorporate Crimea into Russian Federation; we also support the struggle of the peoples of Donbas against the manifestation of Fascism by the nationalistic Ukrainian authorities. We stress that this Fascism is called Ukrainian only due to the location of its appearance, the list of its executors and the nationalistic Bandera style rhetoric, whereas in essence it was introduced from abroad by the imperialists of USA and EU and cultivated by them on the soil of Ukraine. We should mention that the resistance by the insurgents in Donbas judging by its social composition and attitudes has undoubtedly a proletarian nature, the fact that even President Putin had to recognize when he said that the Ukrainian authorities had felt offended to be defeated by former miners and tractor-drivers. That’s why we help the comrades in Donbas, first of all through the Communist workers’ organization. In particular we organized a meeting of 15 parties on the borderline between Russia and the Republic of Lugansk. We demand that Russian authorities should intensify their assistance to the local people’s militia that fights Fascism.


At the same time we always explain that the reasons for providing this assistance by Russian Federation are not based on common ideology as it was the case in the USSR, that RF is not USSR at all, and that she is not a successor of USSR either. As far as the working people there are concerned, this doesn’t mean their liberation from the oppression of exploitation, but only a relief in their struggle with the most hideous procreation of Imperialism – i.e. with Fascism. We explain that Russian authorities constantly conduct both secret and overt bargaining with the biggest imperialists of USA and EU. The capitalist authorities of Russia are capable of betraying and selling out their allies at any moment, the process that by the looks of things we’ve been watching in Donbas. Here the authorities of the new people’s republics (People’s Republic of Donetsk and People’s Republic of Lugansk) that are influenced by Kremlin, have already demonstrated their anticommunism. Similar to Ukrainian President Poroshenko they don’t let communist organizations to take part in elections both in Donetsk and Lugansk. The most authoritative commanders of the people’s militia with pro-communist views there are killed (like Mozgovoy and others). In accordance with the so-called agreements of Minsk in March next year there is envisaged the handing over the control over the borders of the people’s republics with Russia to the Ukrainian authorities. The local elections in the people’s republics have been postponed so as to coincide with the passing of control over the border (and are supposed to be carried out in accordance with the Ukrainian law – with the same ban on participation of communists?)


We’d like to stress once again that there should be no illusions in respect of imperialist character of Russian politics and the reasons of her behavior abroad. Nevertheless some of foreign comrades still have such illusions, and that is even sadder – such illusions could be found in Russia as well. Here we can see a sort of similarity with the initial stage of the transitional period from Capitalism to Socialism. We remember the well known definition of Marxism: Socialism is such a new society that just appeared in the world from the depths of Capitalism and that in all respects still bears the imprint of the old society. We can state that Russian Capitalism in sense still bears some imprints of Socialism, though these are basically the external manifestations only. Russian authorities skillfully exploit and support this impression. Thus RF positions herself as a heiress of the victors over Fascism, as a defender of national-liberation movements and progressive forces all over the world, and as a successor of the pioneers of space research. The authorities even allowed a partial recognition of Stalin’s glory in his role as the builder of state power and the Supreme Commander in Chief during the war.


The government of Russia has recently even suggested that the coming festival of the World Federation of Democratic Youth should be held either in Moscow or in Sochi and promised to provide all necessary support. There should be no doubt that such support will be indeed provided (in case a decision is taken to hold it in Russia). Still we should remember that this event will be used by the authorities as a sort of approval of the committed substitution of Socialism to Capitalism, i.e. the approval of counterrevolution, of the ongoing burial of the Great October’s ideas carried out at the time of the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. There is something to reflect on.


Our party is an orthodox Marxist party and we stick to Marxism-Leninism. We believe that Opportunism and Revisionism that used to be an internal product of the communist movement – a number of biases and misconceptions, have now turned into a powerful weapon under control of Imperialism. The right bias was not finished with the end of Gorbachevshchina – i.e. with the destruction of USSR and CPSU in 1991.


We see our task as the task of preservation of Marxist-Leninist part of political theory and practice of Russia that nobody will be able to exterminate. A number of other organizations in Russia calling themselves communists have more or less accommodated themselves to the bourgeois system while taking part in allegedly oppositional parliamentary activities with the main focus on the elections and a presumable victory, somewhere in the future, this victory to be in the form of coming to power a government, that they call a “government of people’s trust”. Such variants that don’t presume the changing of capitalist standing order have been analyzed many times by theoreticians and have been even recently attempted in practice by the Greek SERIZA (that was supported by a number of opportunists with communist names).


Our party’s main focus of attention always was and is going to be the development of the workers’ movement, the turning of Proletariat into a class for themselves, the introduction of communist knowledge into workers’ movement. Our slogans read as follows:

 «Let’s not falter on our chosen way!»

“Workers of the World unite!»

«Long live Socialist Revolution