Russian Communist Workers Party

Comrade Batov on May 9 Police Outrage in Russia

The weekly arrest, under which I was held at the “Special Reception No2”
of the city of Moscow, is now over. I was detained on May 9 at the
“Immortal Regiment” event for distributing this very leaflet [shows a
printed document to the camera]. You see, dear viewers – it was exactly
about the Victory Day. And for this very leaflet, I had to spend seven
days under arrest: firstly at the Tverskoy District Department of
Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, and then at the “Special
Reception No2”. Clearly, we all understand that this has been an act of
violent political reprisal: a punishment that is very far from being
adequate, especially since no one has been able to explain to me
distinctly, what was wrong or illegal about this leaflet. Therefore I
was tried, at the end, upon a knowingly false and fictitious charge of
having “resisted to lawful demands by the police staff”: what kind of
“demands” and what kind of “resistance” – noone knows, yet I was tried
and convicted and sentenced to one week of arrest. We cannot, of course,
be intimidated by repressions of this kind, – in fact, communists
generally try to make use of every situation they are in for the sake of
our common purpose. And I have to say, I have tried to spend these seven
days (of course, with the help of the comrades) to the maximum benefit.
For the period of my arrest, I got acquainted with lots of very
interesting people. My cellmates, at various times, included, – for
example, – a Ukrainian construction worker, an Uzbek guest worker, a
driver from Azerbaidzhan: I actively communicated with all of them, and
I even exchanged contacts with some of them. And, – of course, – all of
these meetings, and all of this socialization helps very much for the
better understanding of our social base, which we are working with.
Apart from that, I tried to conduct propagandist activity among the very
staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, – in particular, by
distributing this very leaflet [shows a leaflet to the cam] among the
staff of the Tverskoy District Department, even among the very police
escort that brought me to the court. One more thing I have to mention
is, of course, the books: thanks to my ROT Front comrades, I had an
opportunity to actively study the classicals, and not just trying to
make my arrest more colorful by something entertaining. I have read –
studied with a pencil in my hand – two of Lenin’s brochures:
“Imperialism as the highest stage of captalism” and “Two tactics of the
Social Democracy in the democratic revolution”, plus a lot of fiction
literature. Therefore, no matter how those Sirs are trying to intimidate
us, – I can tell you honestly that as a communist, I have squashed as
much benefit as possible out of this situation, and I do not regret the
experience I acquired.
Now we are on the territory of the Moscow City Court, where the hearing
at the Court of Appeals has just ended. The result of the hearing has
confirmed, undoubtedly, the false, dishonest, unprincipled sentence by
the Tverskoy District Court; we had never expected a different result,
but we will struggle on as usual. As for those people in the uniform
that I had to deal with, I have to say that, of course, there are
various kinds of people there: more aggressive, less aggressive; someone
is happier, someone is more dull; generally, I have not entered into
conflict with anyone, as all of us have behaved in a mutually correct
manner. But I have to stress that every one of these police and other
staff – the escort, and so on, and so forth – each and every one of them
is a good person, but altogether they make a system that is doing
filthy, dirty, infamous business. Of course, the meanest of all parts
had to be accomplished by the judgess, who needed to carry out the
knowingly false, fictitious, unjust verdict.
So, in general, I would like to greatly thank all of the comrades from
ROT Front, from the Revolutionary Communist Worker Party, from the other
organizations and movements who supported me both in Russian Federation
and on the international arena. The people who brought gifts, who
organized protest events, including at the court, etc. Big thanks to
you, comrades: this is a genuine, real, practical SOLIDARITY. One for
all, all for one – this is the only way to work and struggle. ROT FRONT!
Thank you.