Russian Communist Workers Party

Ban on CPU: common Fascism

Statement of the RCWP-CPSU Secretariat

Right after the bans imposed by the Ukrainian court authorities on the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine (renewed) and the Communist Party of Workers and Peasants there have been also banned the activities of the CPU (P. Simonenko). Leaders of the Workers’ Party of Ukraine (Marxist-Leninist) Alexandr Bondarchuk and the VKPB (Ukraine) Anatoly Mayevsky have been both kept in prison. It’s quite clear that here we deal with ban on ideology itself and not with some actions to prevent breaches of the law. The regime in Kiev insists that the parties should give up their name “communist” as well as their symbols, i.e. the star, Hammer and Sickle – i.e. the recognized symbols of the communist movement worldwide.


Thus we can see as the people who have been destructing monuments to Lenin and to the victorious Soviet soldiers fallen during WWII, who have named Hitler’s collaborators Bandera and Schukhevich Ukrainian national heroes, actually go on pursuing the aims of Nazis. This is a common Fascism of the XXI Century. It is performed by the Ukrainian nationalistic authorities but it is instigated and supplied by the world imperialism, first of all by the leaders – USA and EU.


RCWP express our solidarity with the struggle of the communists of Ukraine and claim that we will go on carrying out anti-fascist, communist struggle in Russia, in Donbass, in Ukraine and everywhere , this struggle to be continued till the anti-communist laws are cancelled and Fascism is suppressed in Ukraine and everywhere. Fascists vainly hope that the repressions and bans can curb the struggle of communists and to eliminate the superiority of communist ideology. We could recall the beasts much stronger than them, but the world knows how they finished.

RCWP states that in the struggle with Fascism all measures as known from the history of the anti-fascist resistance are acceptable. The concepts and restrictions as presumed by humanism, legality etc are not applicable in the dealings with Fascism. Nazi beast ought to be eliminated. We are going to take part in this struggle. We are in the same class ranks together with the communists of Ukraine and the world.

Let us not falter on our chosen way!

December 22, 20015

Secretariat of RCWP-CPSU  CC