Russian Communist Workers Party

Ban on CPU by Kiev junta_Statement of RCWP CC


Ukrainian Ministry of Justice initiated a trial aimed at banning the officially registered Communist Party of the Ukraine (CPU) that has its fraction in the Ukrainian Parliament. This move is not unexpected, vice versa – it’s quite natural for Fascism that has come to power. The current Ukrainian authorities that came to power on the wave of primitive nationalism and anti-communism as a result of violent coup directly assisted by the representatives of imperialistic states, first of all of the USA, is in fact a symbiosis of oligarchs and fascist politicos. On having come to power they immediately rejected the already slim remnants of the bourgeois democracy and came over to an open terroristic dictatorship. History tells us that in all times Fascists of all sorts started their march to power with the struggle against workers’ movement followed by bans on communist ideology and outlawing the activities of communist parties. The creation of Anti-Comintern Pact preceded the WWII. The fascist authorities of the Ukraine are not an exception from the rule.

Of course the leadership of CPU made a lot of mistakes – here we can recall as they concluded a parliamentary alliance with the party representing the interests of the big capital i.e. with the Party of the Regions by Yanukovich, whereas after the anti-constitutional coup they essentially gave the rabid nationalistic putschists legitimacy while voting in favour of the acting president’s candidature – the former Head of the Parliament, while giving their approval to the new Prime Minister and to the appointment of the presidential elections. Nevertheless, in the end of the day CPU apparently understood its mistakes and correctly determined the Fascist character of that coup and the leading role of the local oligarchs and western capital. Rank and file communists and the advanced workers, first of all in the South-East of the Ukraine, themselves joined the fight against the aggression of the military machine by the State and of the pro-fascist and paramilitaries that had been thrown to suppress the anti-fascist people’s insurrection in that region.

The junta in Kiev felt a mortal danger from the resistance and applied the total might of its apparatus of reprisals to suppress it, CPU and communists included. Meanwhile the fascists habitually try to present their actions as legal ones, by way of staging an allegedly objective and independent court investigation. Unfortunately, at the moment CPU cannot ensure a wide scale and powerful resistance to the repressions against her, as this party didn’t pay enough attention to the creation of their support base among the working class and correspondingly they don’t have one. This situation should once again clearly demonstrate to communists all over the world that Capitalism is always fraught with Fascism.

We have all reasons to expects reprisals against workers’ movement as the next step, as this form of working peoples’ organization is the biggest threat to capitalists. The Fascists are perfectly well aware that they could be stopped only by organized movement of workers combined with the teaching of Socialism. A number of attempts on the lives of workers’ leaders have been already recorded.

Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP-CPSU) expresses our resolute protest against the anti-Soviet hysteria unleashed in the Ukraine that started with the demolitions and consecrations of the monuments to Lenin, to the hero workers that established the Soviet rule in the Ukraine, to the Soviet soldiers – the victors over Fascism. We protest against continuing baiting and persecution of oppositional politicians and the people protesting against the attempts to ban CPU as well as of the other progressive organizations. We protest against the uprooting of all traces of real and even potential opposition to the new regime. We express our solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers in class, with the Ukrainian communists. We wish that they get through this savage war unleashed by the Fascist authorities against their own people.

We are going to start the protest campaign in Russia as well as worldwide. We call on our comrade communists from all over the world to express their protest against reprisals in the Ukraine. We demand that the governments of all countries considered democratic, should take all measures of influence in order to prevent the reprisals against the remnants of democracy in the Ukraine and to curb the further rise and expansion of Fascism there.


Fascism must be stopped!