Russian Communist Workers Party

Contribution of the Party of Communists USA: RCWP Scientific Conference, Leningrad, August 10-13, 2017 The October Revolution: A Beacon for Americans Today

This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the socialist revolution in Russia. It was the first time that the working class anywhere in the world was able to seize and hold power. The revolution grew out of the conditions of imperialism and the First World War. Russia had been ruled by a tsar, or emperor, making it one of the most reactionary regimes in Europe. More…

Communist Party of Poland: against destroying of the monuments commemorating victory over fascism

Delegalization of the Communist Party of Poland is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice.

A political perusal of the collapse of the Soviet Union

Report of the Central Committee of the Peoples’ Libertaion Front (J.V.P.) Srilanka


100 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution and the lessons for contemporary сommunists



Communist Party of Sweden, report at scientific conference “On the role of Great October socialist revolution and the experience of socialist construction in USSR for contemporary world communist and workers’ movement”

Comrade Batov on May 9 Police Outrage in Russia

Statement of the International Department of the Party of Communists USA

The PCUSA denounces the arrest and sentencing of cadres of the Communist Workers’ Party of Russia (RCWP) by the Russian authorities, which was carried out during the demonstration on the 9th of May, day of the Anti-fascist Victory. Specifically, as the RCWP and its youth – The Revolutionary Communist Youth League (the Bolsheviks) to denounce Alexander Batov, member of the Secretariat of the CC of the RCWP was arrested in Moscow and P. Tipakov, Secretary of the RCWP”s local committee was arrested in Niszhny Novgorod. As the RCWP reports that the Russian authorities have carried out these actions because the RCWP cadres were handing out leaflets and explaining to the workers the real meaning of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Soviet People, against the hijacking of this heroic epic by the current bourgeois authorities of Russia. The two comrades of the RCWP were sentenced to prison, A. Batov for 7 days and P. Tipakov for 10 days, on charges of “resisting the police” during their arrest. The PCUSA denounces these anti-democratic acts and demands the immediate release of the cadres of the RCWP.

Unlawful detention of ROT Front activists in the course of Victory Day events

Theses of the report at the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties held on the 28-30 of October 2016 in Hanoi, under the theme “Capitalist crisis and imperialist offensive – Strategy and tactics of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in struggle for peace, workers’ and peoples’ rights, socialism”, October 28-29, 2016.