Russian Communist Workers Party

STATEMENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNIST INITIATIVE Against the outrageous anticommunist resolution of the European Parliament • 9/27/19 2:58 PM

The parties participating in the European Communist Initiative denounce the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the EU. This resolution promotes the unhistorical identification of communism with the monster of fascism, whitewashing the fascists and their actions, expressing hatred for the struggle of the peoples. The slander that socialism equates to fascism in the name of totalitarianism is revealed by the fact that fascism is born and bred of capitalism. Their common economic basis is the power of monopolies that only socialism overthrows.

It also provocatively argues that the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which had more than 20 million people dead and millions of others injured in order to defeat fascism in Europe, were allegedly allies with Nazi Germany. Hitler’s allies and collaborators were actually the monopolies that paved the way for him, which today are supported by the EU as well as a series of bourgeois governments in European countries.

The provocative resolution goes so far as to distort History, considering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the alleged cause of the outbreak of World War II, while it is known that the Munich Pact between G. Britain, France, Italy and Hitler’s Germany, pre-existed and which surrendered Czechoslovakia to Hitler leding to the prelude of the WWII.

All honest people understand well that the authors of the anti-communist resolution that equate fascism to communism, lie consciously and brazenly.

We denounce all the distortions of History by the EU and its governments, as well as the well- paid EU anti-communist events funding program, “Europe for Citizens”.

Anti-communism will not pass.

All persecutions of the Communists, bans on Communist Parties, destructions of monuments must stop. The truth will shine through and the people, especially the youth with their struggle, will conquer it and throw such constructions of capital and its organizations into the dustbin of History!

Communist Party of Turkey: Legacy of Comintern and the contemporary priorities of the relations between Communist Parties

Dear comrades,

As it is well known, when the Communist International was founded in 1919, it undertook the legacy of the International Working Men’s Association known as the First International. On the basis of Marx’s ideas, the international class struggle would be directed towards a proletarian revolution and proletarian dictatorship. These first pillars of the international communist movement were exactly those that were inherited by the 3rd International. More…

Communist Party of Finland. Report at the International Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist international

Finnish participation in Comintern


In order for us to posit the question regarding the formation of a new communist international, we must assess and make clear on the historical circumstances during which the previous Comintern was founded, and the goals which were set for the organization. Our contribution to this discussion will be a short, critical analysis of the actions the finnish communists of the time took within the framework of the organizations tactics. More…

The future of the III-th International Report from the Marxist Platform of Belgium at the International Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist international

Dear comrades,

I salute you on behalf of the Belgian Marxist Platform. On November 7, 2017, representatives of the Belgian Marxist Platform in Leningrad at the meeting dedicated to the Centenary of the October Revolution of 1917 fully supported the “Statement of the International Conference of Communist and Workers Parties”, adopted in Leningrad on August 10-13, 2017. More…

FINAL DECLARATION of the participants of international conference «100-years to the Communist International and tasks of the Communist movement today» Moscow, 1 – 2 June 2019.

Communist parties, which took part in the scientific and practical conference in Moscow 1-2 June 2019, dedicated to the centenary of the Communist International, has kept their allegiance to Marxism and Leninism, a great revolutionary teaching; has  kept their attitude towards  Marxism-Leninism as a science; has kept its revolutionary and proletarian character. More…

Lessons of Comintern and contemporary goals, report of RCWP at international conference “Comintern-100”

Dear comrades in arms!

Let me greet you on behalf of Russian Communist Workers Party on the land of Great October Socialist Revolution, the land where on initiative of Lenin there was created and developed Communist International was.

Representatives of a number of communist parties from across the world have assembled today at our conference. These are the parties that have retained their allegiance to the great revolutionary teaching of Marxism-Leninism, that still treat Marxism as science and retain its revolutionary proletarian nature. We’ve met in order to commemorate the glorious centennial anniversary of Communist International creation. Still our task is not limited to just celebrating this anniversary, the more so that we actually have to celebrate this date under conditions of reaction. We’ve been in defense against advancing forces of Imperialism in most of countries. That’s why our task is to take lessons from the experience of our predecessors, to implement their experience under contemporary conditions of struggle. More…

Putin’s decency test? Test failed!

Today (29/08/2018) president Putin addressed citizens of Russia over TV and radio. The aim of his address was to explain his position regarding the proposed increase of retirement age. On having approved the general course of the government, he introduced a number of proposals aimed at softening the transition to the new system and its consequences. We asked the First Secretary of RCWP CC, the leader of ROT Front comrade Viktor Tyulkin to comment on the speech of the president.


Communist Party of Turkey – NO MORE FAKE SOLUTIONS!

This country will never bow down


As we have always emphasized, disorganized people chasing after myths created around certain figures is nothing but people left helpless.


On June 24, having been trailed behind a false hope, millions of people in Turkey were left high and dry once again. However, the notion that Turkey is now finished is ridiculous as much as the fairy tale telling that Turkey would be out of the woods simply by pursuing an unscrupulous alternative that approves all evils of the established order is unfounded. Everybody should know that Turkey will not yield to darkness.


Shame and disgrace of the imperialist aggressor Statement of the Syrian Communist Party

The imperialist countries of United states, Britain and France have escalated their continuous aggression on our homeland which has started several years ago. That the armed forces of these states directed a barrage of rockets to several locations on our homeland on the morning of  April 14, 2018. Our valiant forces confronted this colonial aggression and dropped many of the missiles which were fired by the aggressor forces. More…


100 years
since the Great
October Socialist
Revolution and
the lessons
for contemporary